Cub Scout Archives: Craftsman Activity Badge


The Craftsman activity badge is all about building useful projects. Find helps for this badge here.

Craftsman Requirements

Do these:

  1. Explain how to safely handle the tools that you will use for this activity badge safely.
  2. With adult supervision and using hand tools, construct two different wooden objects you and your Webelos den leader agree on, such as the items listed below. Use a coping saw or jigsaw for these projects. Put them together with glue, nails, or screws. Paint or stain them. (Book rack, Napkin holder, Shelf, Animal cutouts, Bulletin board, Garden tool rack, Weather vane, Lid holder, Tie rack, Mailbox, Letter holder, Birdhouse, Notepad holder, Desk nameplate, Toolbox, Letter, Bill. and Pencil holder, Towel rack, Bread box, Recipe holder, Key rack, Lamp stand, Measuring cup rack, Kitchen knife rack, Measuring spoon rack, Kitchen utensil rack)
  3. Make a display stand, or box to be used to display a model or an award. Or make a frame for a photo or painting. Use suitable material.
  4. Make four useful items using materials other than wood that you and your Webelos den leader agree on, such as clay, plastic, leather, metal, paper, rubber, or rope. These should be challenging items and must involve several operations.

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