Cub Scout Archives: Bear Elective 22 - Collecting Things

 Many people like to collect things as a hobby. Some things that are collected are stamps, coins, and emblems. Collections are just for fun, but you can’t help but learn something about other places when you find a stamp, coin, or emblem from somewhere a long way from where you live.

Bear Elective 22 Requirements

  1. Start a stamp collection. You can get information about stamp collecting at any U.S. post office.
  2. Mount and display a collection of emblems, coins, or other items to show at a pack meeting. This can be any kind of collection. Every time you show a different kind of collection, it counts as one requirement.
  3. Start your own library. Keep your own books and pamphlets in order by subject. List the title, author, and subject of each on an index card and keep the cards in a file box, or use a computer program to store the information.

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