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The idea of selling something goes back a long way. People were trading things even before money was invented. When people traded, they would give something for something else they wanted more. In a sale, both parties should feel like they’re better off than they were before the sale. Money is an easier way of keeping track of how much things are worth.

Bear Elective 21 Requirements

  1. Take part in a council- or pack-sponsored, money-earning sales program. Keep track of the sales you make yourself. When the program is over, add up the sales you have made.
  2. Help with a garage sale or rummage sale. This can be with your family or a neighbor, or it can be a church, school, or pack event.
cub scout arrow points

Bear Electives and Arrow Points

Arrow points can be confusing. Each part of an elective counts toward arrow points. In addition, Bears can use the requirements from any achievements they did not do as part of the Bear badge.

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Helps and Requirements for Bear

Bear is the Cub Scout program for boys in 3rd grade. Find helps and requirements for the Bear program on this page.

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