Bear Elective 19 - Swimming

Swimming is a lot of fun!

When you learn to swim, you have a skill you can enjoy all of your life. Whether you swim for fun or for sport, you can enjoy it in winter or summer and share the fun with your friends.

Remember, never swim alone!

Bear Elective 19 Requirements

There is something about this elective that is different from any other. That is this rule: whenever you are working on the Swimming elective, you must have an adult with you who can swim.

  1. Jump feetfirst into water over your head, swim 25 feet on the surface, stop, turn sharply, and swim back.
  2. Swim on your back, the elementary backstroke, for 30 feet.
  3. Rest by floating on your back, using as little motion as possible for at least one minute.
  4. Tell what is meant by the buddy system. Know the basic rules of safe swimming
    Do a racing dive from edge of pool and swim 60 feet, using a racing stroke. (You might need to make a turn.)
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