Cub Scout Archives: Bear Elective 11 - Photography

Taking pictures is a lot of fun, but it can be harder than you might think. You need to use a camera to learn the secrets of taking good pictures.

Bear Elective 11 Requirements

  1. Practice holding a camera still in one position. Learn to push the shutter button without moving the camera. Do this without film in the camera until you have learned how. Look through the viewfinder and see what your picture will look like. Make sure that everything you want in your picture is in the frame of your viewfinder.
  2. Take five pictures of the same subject in different kinds of light.
    1. Subject in direct sun with direct light.
    2. Subject in direct sun with side light.
    3. Subject in direct sun with back light.
    4. Subject in shade on a sunny day.
    5. Subject on a cloudy day.
  3. Put your pictures to use.
    1. Mount a picture on cardboard for display.
    2. Mount on cardboard and give it to a friend.
    3. Make three pictures that show how something happened (tell a story) and write a one sentence explanation for each.
  4. Take a picture in your house.
    1. With available light.
    2. Using a flash attachment or photoflood (bright light).
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