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Maybe when you were little, your folks go you a toy car to ride. It was lots of fun. Think how much fun it would be now to build your own! You can build it any way you like and stop, go , or steer as you please.
In your Bear handbook, you will find plans for a Cubmobile. Try it and have fun.
Cubmobiles are not the only things that go. Have you ever seen a windmill or a waterwheel and wondered what they do? Try making one to see how it works.

Bear Elective 7 Requirements

  1. With an adult’s help, make a scooter or a Cubmobile. Know the safety rules.
  2. With an adult’s help, make a windmill.
  3. With an adult’s help, make a waterwheel.
  4. Make an invention of your own design that goes.
cub scout arrow points

Bear Electives and Arrow Points

Arrow points can be confusing. Each part of an elective counts toward arrow points. In addition, Bears can use the requirements from any achievements they did not do as part of the Bear badge.

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Helps and Requirements for Bear

Bear is the Cub Scout program for boys in 3rd grade. Find helps and requirements for the Bear program on this page.

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