Cub Scout Archives: Bear Achievement 21 - Build a Model

Bear Achievement 21 is about making models. Find helps for this achievement here.

Bear Achievement 21 Requirements

Complete requirement g and two other requirements.

  1. Build a model from a kit.
  2. Build a display for one of your models.
  3. Pretend you are planning to change the furniture layout in one of the rooms in your home.
  4. Make a model of a mountain, a meadow, a canyon, or a river.
  5. Go and see a model of a shopping center or new building that is on display somewhere.
  6. Make a model of a rocket, boat, car, or plane.
  7. Complete the Character Connection for Resourcefulness.
    • Know. Review the requirements for this achievement and list the resources you would need to complete them. Then list the materials you could substitute for items that you do not already have. Tell what it means to be resourceful.
    • Commit. After you complete the requirements for this achievement, list any changes that would make the results better if you did these projects again. Tell why it is important to consider all available resources for a project.
    • Practice. While you complete the requirements for this achievement, make notes on which materials worked well in your projects and why.
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