Cub Scout Archives: Bear Achievement 6 - Take Care of Your Planet

Bear Achievement 6 is about conservation. Find helps for this achievement here.

Bear Achievement 6 Requirements

Complete three of the requirements.

  1. Save 5 pounds of glass or aluminum, or 1 month of daily newspapers. Turn them in at a recycling center or use your community’s recycling service.
  2. Plant a tree in your yard, or on the grounds of the group that operates your Cub Scout pack, or in a park or other public place. Be sure to get permission first.
  3. Call city or county officials or your trash hauling company and find out what happens to your trash after it is hauled away.
  4. List all the ways water is used in your home. Search for dripping faucets or other ways water might be wasted. With an adult, repair or correct those problems.
  5. Discuss with an adult in your family the kinds of energy your family uses.
  6. Find out more about your family’s use of electricity.
  7. Take part in a den or pack neighborhood clean-up project.

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