Cub Scout Archives: Bear Achievement 4 - Tall Tales

Bear Achievement 4 is about American folklore. Find helps for this achievement here.

Bear Achievement 4 Requirements

Complete all of the requirements.

  1. Tell in your own words what folklore is. List some folklore stories, folk songs, or historical legends from your own state or part of the country. Play the Folklore Match Game (in handbook).
  2. Name at least five stories about American folklore. Point out on a United States map where they happened.
  3. Read two folklore stories and tell your favorite one to your den.
My Story, Your Story, History

My Story Mystery Game

The My Story Mystery Game is a great way to get to know some “history” about a group of individuals. It makes a great icebreaker. It can also serve as an introduction to a discussion about oral history and storytelling.

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The Legend of Bigfoot

Tall Tales was one of the activities my den enjoyed doing this past year. The only problem I had was finding versions of the tales which were appropriate for their age and reading levels.

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Helps and Requirements for Bear

Bear is the Cub Scout program for boys in 3rd grade. Find helps and requirements for the Bear program on this page.

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