Cub Scout Archives: Bear Achievement 3 - What Makes America Special?

Bear Achievement 3 is about being a good citizen. Find helps for this achievement here.

Bear Achievement 3 Requirements

Complete requirements a and j and any two of the other requirements.

  1. Write or tell what makes America special to you.
  2. With the help of your family or den leader, find out about two famous Americans. Tell the things they did or are doing to improve our way of life.
  3. Find out something about the old homes near where you live. Go and see two of them.
  4. Find out where places of historical interest are located in or near your town or city. Go and visit one of them with your family or den.
  5. Choose a state; it can be your favorite one or your home state. Name its state bird, tree, and flower. Describe its flag. Give the date it was admitted to the Union.
  6. Be a member of the color guard in a flag ceremony for your den or pack.
  7. Display the U.S. flag in your home or fly it on three national holidays..
  8. Learn how to raise and lower a U.S. flag properly for an outdoor ceremony.
  9. Participate in an outdoor flag ceremony
  10. Complete the Character Connection for Citizenship.
    • Know. Tell ways some people in the past have served our country. Tell about some people who serve our country today. (Don’t forget about “ordinary” people who serve our country.)
    • Commit. Tell something that might happen to you and your family if other people were not responsible citizens. Tell one thing you will do to be a good citizen.
    • Practice. Tell three things you did in one week that show you are a good citizen.

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