Cub Scout Archives: Amazing Games

Cooperation The Amazing Games theme works well with the Cub Scout core value of cooperation.
Here is what the program helps say about this theme:

“Play is often considered
the work of children, and games are an integral part of play. We learn to follow rules, take turns,
get along with others, and most importantly we learn cooperation. Cooperation is working together
toward a common goal. If you do not cooperate, the game does not flow or end as it should. This
month our Cub Scouts will learn about cooperation as they play games. By working together,
everyone can have an amazing time while learning new things to share with family and friends.”

So use this theme to get your pack or den together to play some games.

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Elbow Balloon Pass Game  This game is all about cooperation. Talk afterwards about what made it easier to pass the balloon and what made it harder.


Human Knot Game  This is an icebreaker in which a group must work together to "untie" themselves from a knot. This is a cooperative rather than competitive game.


Caterpillar Race Game  Here is a fun game for Cub Scouts. They will have to work together to match their movements, so it teaches them teamwork and coordination.


Guide Me Game for Webelos, Boy Scouts, and Venturers  This game makes a fun break in a meeting. It is appropriate for Webelos, Boy Scouts, or Venturers. The will have to work together to accomplish their goal.


I Can Do That With One Hand Tied Behind My Back Game  The goal of this game is for two Scouts to work together to make a simple lunch. The challenge is that they each have one hand tied behind their back.