Helps and Requirements for Tiger

Tiger Cub Scout BadgeTiger Cubs is the Cub Scout program for boys in 1st grade. Boys should earn the Bobcat Badge before working on the Tiger Cub rank. After earning Bobcat, a boy must do the following to earn the Tiger Cub Totem:

  • Learn the Cub Scout Motto: Do Your Best
  • Learn the Cub Scout Sign
  • Learn the Cub Scout Salute

Then, in order to earn the Tiger Cub rank he must complete a Family Activity, a Den Activity, and a Go See It Activity in each of the five achievements:

After completing the Tiger Cub rank, Tiger Cub Scouts can work on electives.

Welcome New Den Leaders
Tiger Den Meeting Plans
Helps for the Bobcat Badge
BSA Safety
Tiger Requirements Check Off Sheet
Tiger Electives Check Off Sheet

Click on one of the links below for helps and ideas for working on a specific Tiger achievement or elective:

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