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Pathfinder Award for Venturers Checkoff Sheet

This printable checkoff sheet for the Pathfinder award to keep track of your crew’s progress.

Use the buttons below to print the table or to save it as a PDF file.  Put a crew member's name at the top of each column. When a requirement is complete, put the check in the column. Keep multiple check off sheets in a binder to make it easy to see how crew members are progressing. 
Do requirements 1, 2, 3, 4a or 4b, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.   These requirements are abbreviated to fit on the sheet.
For more information and helps related to the Pathfinder award for Venturers, see

Adventure 1. Participate in at least two additional  Tier II or III adventures
Leadership 2. Complete Project Management Training.
Leadership 3. Plan and give leadership to a Tier II or Tier III adventure.
Leadership 4. Complete Leadership 4A or Leadership 4B
Leadership 4a.  Serve actively as a crew officer
Leadership 4b. Participate in or serve on staff for leadership training
Personal Growth 5. Explore the two areas (Development of Faith, Development of Self, or Development of Others) that you did not explore previously.
Personal Growth 6. Participate in an ethical controversy discussion activity that includes an extension into conflict resolution.
Personal Growth 7. Establish at least two personal goals and achieve them.
Service 8. Plan, organize, and give leadership to a project designed to sustain and grow your crew.
Service 9. Participate in service activities totaling at least 36 hours.
10. Participate in an Advisor conference.
11. After your Advisor conference, successfully complete a crew board of review.
Award earned
Award presented
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