First Class Boy Scout Badge

First Class Rank for Boy Scouts Checkoff Sheet

This printable checkoff sheet for the First Class Rank for Boy Scouts to keep track of your patrol’s progress.

Use the buttons below to print the table or to save it as a PDF file.  Put a Boy Scout's name at the top of each column. When a requirement is complete, put the check in the column. Keep multiple check off sheets in a binder to make it easy to see how patrol members are progressing. 
Do all of the requirements.   These requirements are abbreviated to fit on the sheet.
For more information and helps related to the First Class Rank for Boy Scouts, see

1. Directions without a compass
2. Orienteering course
3. Ten patrol / troop activities
4a. Patrol menu
4b. Cost list and food amounts
4c. Cooking equipment
4d. Safe handling and storage of food
4e. Serve as patrol cook
5. Discuss constitutional rights
6. Ten kinds of native plants
7a. Lashings
7b. Useful camp gadget
8a. Bowline knot
8b. Bandages
8c . Transport another person
8d. Signs of a heart attack and CPR
9a. Safety afloat
9b. BSA Swimmer test
9c. Line rescue
10 Invite a friend
11. Internet safety and cyber bullies
12. Scout spirit
13. Scoutmaster conference
14. Board of review
Badge earned
Badge presented
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