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Venturing is a Boy Scouts of America program for young men and women who are 14 to 20 years of age. Venturing is a very flexible program. A Venture crew might be focused on a hobby, such as railroading or scuba diving. It might just have an outdoor focus. Or it might be a church youth group with a service focus.

Venturing Focus Areas

Venturing Crews can choose a focus are. The five general areas are

  • Arts and Hobbies
  • Outdoors
  • Religious and Community Life
  • Sea Scouts
  • Sports

Venturers can pursue interests outside their focus areas also, but having a focus gives the group some common goals.

Venturing is a diverse program which can be tailored to fit almost any group’s need. See the articles below for some more ideas about Venturing.

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Teenagers in Human PyramidIntroduction to Youth Leadership Skills (ILSC or ILST)  This weekend our Venturing Crew did the Introduction to Youth Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC). This course teaches Crew members basic leadership skills. There is a corresponding course for Boy Scout troops (ILST).


Smiling TeenagersHow to Reboot a Venturing Crew  Karah asks "Is there anything I can do to bring new life to the Crew? " Readers, what are your ideas for breathing new life into a Crew?


Fall Fun Rally  DS is spending the week at Fall Fun Rally -the largest annual Venturing event. Harry Potter theme this year so tonight is the Yule Ball. I'm sure he's having a great time.


Swimming Area at Swift BaseSwift Explorer Base  Since I often do reviews when I go camping, I thought I'd do an article about some of our experiences at John S. Swift Explorer Base. Swift is located at S -F Scout Ranch near Farmington, Missouri.


Venturing Gold AwardVenturing Gold Award Requirements  The Venturing Gold Award was developed to recognize the significant accomplishment in a Scout's life in a broad spectrum of activities.


VolunteerJourney To Excellence Service Projects  The Journey to Excellence Service Project initiative encourages Scouting units to carry out meaningful service projects.


Adult SpeakingProblem - Scouters Too Involved in Meetings  The adults involved are very enthusiastic, which is great, but they tend to talk over the kids and take over the meetings. Some of the adults are keeping the kids form running the meetings successfully.


Candy Corn for HalloweenCrew Social Event and Service Project – Trunk or Treat  They are going to help distribute pizzas at the event and do some other small jobs for the organizers. In return, they will have a table where they can hang out together and pass out candy (since none of them has a car). They will wear costumes and have a great time. So this will mostly be a social event for them with just a little service thrown in. It should be fun for them.


Smiling TeenagersCrew Activity – Teen Area at Homecoming  Our parish Fall Festival is coming up in a couple of weeks. Our Crew asked if they could do some sort of service project at the event, and it was decided that they would provide some sort of gathering spot for the teenagers. So they are going to have a pavilion type tent which is for teenagers - no little kids allowed.


Smiling TeenagersStarting a Venture Crew  Maybe you've heard about this coed Scouting program for young men and women and you're ready to try to organize a Venture Crew. You might even have a specific group of young people in mind. It could be you know of a group who want to go out hiking or work on model trains together or maybe you just want to get a church youth group going. So where do you start?


Smiling TeenagersBook Review Part 1: Developing Teen Leadership  I was recently asked to review a book on teen leadership. The book is called Developing Teen Leadership: A Practical Guide for Youth Group Advisors, Teachers and Parents. It is written by Dan Appleman who has 20 years of experience working with youth.


TeachingBSA Methods - Teaching Others  The methods of Scouting are the ways that Scouting's aims of developing character, citizenship, and fitness in youth are achieved. One of the methods for Venturers is “teaching others”. Teaching others is the best way to really acquire deep knowledge of an area. By sharing their skills with others, Venturers retain their knowledge better and provide service to others


venturinglogoScouting Resources - High Adventure Destinations  Scoutmaster Clarke Greene - of The Scoutmaster Podcast fame - is developing a database of high adventure destinations. I love the idea! Adding a little adventure to a program keeps older Scouts engaged.


venturinglogoCrew Activity - City Museum  The Crew is planning another activity this meeting. They are all going to church together and then they are heading to the City Museum. The City Museum is often described as a giant playground for teenagers and young adults, so this should be a fun activity for them.


Smiling TeenagersBSA Methods - Group Activities  "Group Activities" is one of the BSA methods for Venturers.


venturinglogoVenturing Super Activity  One of the things our Crew has been discussing lately is planning a super activity. A super activity is something beyond the normal weekend campout.


venturinglogoVenture Crew Officers  The leadership structure in a Venture Crew is much different than in a Boy Scout Troop. Venturing offices are President, Vice President - Administration, Vice President - Program, Secretary, and Treasurer.


venturinglogoGetting Teens to Sign Up for Venturing  Our Crew has been trying to recruit lately. The problem they are having is they talk to Bob and he isn't sure he wants to go unless Tim and Amy are going. They talk to Tim and Amy and they are wondering who else will be there. And on and on...


SkiCrew Activities - Skiing  At our Crew meeting this past Sunday, the focus was on skiing. Our council is having a ski night for Venturers at a local ski resort in January. The original plan had been to have a guest speaker come in and give some skiing tips. He couldn't make it at the last minute, so our Crew president made a presentation instead.


TeachingAims of Scouting – Character  The three aims of Scouting are Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Mental and Physical Fitness. Today we look at how character development is incorporated into the Scouting programs offered by BSA.


FitnessAims of Scouting - Fitness  The three aims of Scouting are Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Mental and Physical Fitness. So how are physical and mental fitness is incorporated into the Scouting programs offered by BSA?


US FlagScouting For Food  The featured core value for Cub Scouts for the month of November is citizenship. Our Pack will help encourage citizenship in our Cub Scouts by participating in the local Scouting for Food program.


Candy Corn for HalloweenCrew Costume Party  Our Venture Crew is having a costume party tonight. JD is responsible for planning the activities. I've asked him for a general idea of what will be happening.


venturinglogoOnline Training - Venturing Crew Officers Orientation  The Venturing Crew Officers Orientation is meant to be shown directly to your Venturing Crew officers. If you are a new Advisor or Associate Advisor, you will also find this training informational.


venturinglogoRegular Crew Meetings  Our Crew has been going for about 10 months now and our officers are still trying to determine what will work for the group. Up until now, our meeting schedule has been pretty irregular. Things have been going pretty smoothly for the group, but it seems like regular meetings would help with planning and growing.


venturinglogoFall Fun Rally | BSA Centennial Year National Venturing Event  This year Fall Fun Rally has been designated the BSA Centennial Year National Venturing Event.


Safety AfloatRiver Rafting with the Venture Crew  Our Crew is going river rafting today on the Huzzah River. The Huzzah is not deep or swift, so we're looking forward to a nice lazy day floating down the river.


Sailing at Swift BaseCamping at Swift Base  Swift offers weeks of summer camp for Venturers and Explorers. Activities include water skiing, tubing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, rappelling, ropes challenge courses, horseback riding, mountain biking, rifle shooting, and archery.


venturinglogoRecruiting New Crew Members  Recruiting new Crew members presents some challenges. How can we reach youth and get them to try Venturing?


venturinglogoCamping With a Coed Venture Crew  Camping with a coed Scouting unit presents its own set of concerns and challenges. It is important to have a clearly defined Code of Conduct beforehand.


venturinglogoPlanning with Teenagers  When I was first approached to be the new Advisor for the Venturing Crew, our district executive warned me that teenagers don't usually plan ahead. Boy was he right!