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Teenagers in Human PyramidIntroduction to Youth Leadership Skills (ILSC or ILST)  This weekend our Venturing Crew did the Introduction to Youth Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC). This course teaches Crew members basic leadership skills. There is a corresponding course for Boy Scout troops (ILST).


Nap on Safely Training Cards Show that you have completed your trainingNap on Safely Training Cards (Business Card Templates)  Show that you have completed your training with these "Nap on Safely" business cards. 


Backpacking StoveToasted Chit Pressurized Fuel Training  Our council has a "Toasted Chit" training for pressurized fuel use. I believe this is a local requirement, but I thought the organization of the material might be helpful to anyone doing pressurized fuel instruction.


Boy Scouts of AmericaSweet 16 of BSA Safety – Weather Check  It is important to know the difference between uncomfortable weather and hazardous weather. BSA provides a great online course for learning about hazardous weather.


Norman Rockwell's Boy Scout paintingReview Part 2: A Scout Leader's Guide to Youth Leadership  Today I continue reviewing a book called A Scout Leader's Guide to Youth Leadership Training: Working the Patrol Method. Get a copy and join in the discussion!


Norman Rockwell's Boy Scout paintingReview: A Scout Leader's Guide to Youth Leadership Training  I recently started reading a book called A Scout Leader's Guide to Youth Leadership Training: Working the Patrol Method. I am really impressed by this book.


Boy Scouts of AmericaNational Youth Leadership Training  National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is an intense week long leadership training class for youth


WeatherWeather Hazards Online Course - Repost  Recent tornadoes in our neighborhood remind us more than ever that we must be prepared for unexpected changes in the weather.


WeatherWeather Hazards Online Course  Be prepared for unexpected changes in the weather.


venturinglogoOnline Training - Venturing Crew Officers Orientation  The Venturing Crew Officers Orientation is meant to be shown directly to your Venturing Crew officers. If you are a new Advisor or Associate Advisor, you will also find this training informational.


Boy Scouts of AmericaScouting’s Teaching EDGE (BSA Edge Method)  The latest Boy Scout requirements for Tenderfoot and Life ranks require the Scout to use the EDGE method. This is a four step method for teaching a skill. It is sometimes called Scouting’s Teaching EDGE.


NappingNap on Safely Training  I hope all of you Scouters out there will be able to complete your Nap on Safely training before or during summer camp. The guidelines are listed in this article. (Spoof!)


Safety AfloatSafety Afloat  Before embarking on a boating activity with your scouts, make sure everyone is aware of the Safety Afloat guidelines.