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MusicJaws Song  Here's a song to go with this months aquatics theme. This is a classic camp song. There are lots of variations. If you want to ham it up even more, change your voice when singing the different verses to sound like a mama, papa, lady, etc.


Fishing Merit BadgeFishing Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Fishing merit badge is a fun one for Boy Scout summer camp. Of the eleven Scouts who went to camp from our troop a couple of weeks ago, seven did this badge. My favorite part when I am with Scouts working on this badge - watching them cook the fish.


Friends SwimmingPiranha Ball  Here is a another game to go with this month's aquatic theme. It can be used to fuflill requirement 2 for the Swimming belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program: "Play a recreational game in the water with your den, pack, or family." This is a good game to play if you have some kids in your group who are not strong swimmers. They can play this game in chest-deep water and still have a lot of fun. For swimmers who need more of a challenge, the group can go to deeper water and tread water while they play.


PaintingPool Tote Craft  If you are looking for a craft for your pack pool party or aquatics themed meeting, you could let the Scouts decorate their own pool totes. Then they can carry all of their squishy balls, goggles, dive sticks, and other pool accessories themselves.


CDCD Fish Craft  Instructions for a fish shaped craft made from old CDs. Make one or make several and put them together as a mobile.


Archery Belt LoopArchery Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  According to the age-appropriate guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts can only participate in archery at council or district programs. So you can't plan a pack archery outing. But if a local council or district day camp, resident camp, or council managed family camping programs offers archery, your Cub Scouts might get to work on their archery belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.


kayakKayaking BSA Award  One of the fun things Boy Scouts get to do at many summer camps is kayaking. When I am at Boy Scout camp, I always try to find some time to go kayaking on the lake. There is no merit badge specifically for kayaking like there is for canoeing or rowing on a lake, but there is the Kayaking BSA award.


MotorcyclesBiker Gang Skit  I can't say there is any lesson to be learned from this skit other than don't forget to bring your tent. And no, this is not my impression of bikers, so don't write. Nor is a particularly good example of leadership. It's just boy humor!


MusicBazooka Bubblegum Song  This is one of DS's favorite scout songs. We hear this one a lot at camp, on hikes, and on hayrides. I'll warn you that when they start singing this, they tend to sing it over and over and over again. The best I can describe the tune is that it is sort of a rap style tune.


Teenagers in Human PyramidChicken on a Hut Game  This game makes a fun break in a meeting. It is a favorite with our Venture Crew. Because of the physical contact with the partners, when playing this game with our coed Crew, boys are partners with boys and girls are partners with girls.


PrincessI've Come to Marry the Princess Skit  One of the great things about this skit is that the characters can be changed around a little to make it more fun. I've seen a very funny Star Wars version. And I remember one with the Kool Aid man in it from a while back. I can't remember exactly how he fit in, but I remember he kept saying "Oh Yeah...".


MusicThe Little Green Frog Song  This is a fun song to do with a Cub Scout pack or den. It is full of boy humor. Make sure you get the parents to sing along also. That makes it really fun for the boys.


venturinglogoCrew Activity - City Museum  The Crew is planning another activity this meeting. They are all going to church together and then they are heading to the City Museum. The City Museum is often described as a giant playground for teenagers and young adults, so this should be a fun activity for them.


Fishing Belt LoopFishing Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  If you have a favorite spot to go fishing in your neighborhood, take a look at the Fishing belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.


CraftsPaper Bag Puppets  A den leader asked me recently about ideas for gathering activities. I suggested paper bag puppets.


Empty StagePuppet Play - Holmes and Watson Go To Webelos Camp  My Webelos den has been working on their Showman activity badge. For requirement 2, they wrote their own puppet play.


HammerDuct Tape Wallet Craftsman Project  I came across this idea and thought they would enjoy it. After all, what Scout doesn't enjoy using duct tape?


WeatherWild Weather Adventure Game  This is a board game I came across recently on the NASA Space Place website. It is going to take a little time for you to print and prepare the materials, but I think this would be a hit at any weather themed scout meeting.


BaseballCub Scout Trading Cards  With baseball season right around the corner, let your Cub Scouts make their own trading cards with "Cub Scout stats". This Cub Scout craft works great with any sports themed den or pack meeting.


MarblesDen Meeting Plan - Marbles Belt Loop  This meeting plan covers all of the requirements for the Marbles belt loop for the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.


A cheer boxAudience Participation - Stick Out Your Tongue and Touch Your Nose  A few years back we had a Cubmaster who really enjoyed audience participation segments. The cornier the better! This is a classic along those lines. This would also work to help demonstrate the importance of clear communication when giving instructions.


CraftsDen Time Capsule  The idea is to make a den time capsule which they add to from time to time – maybe every year at Blue and Gold time and after summer camp or when they earn their rank or do something special. Then, when they cross over to Boy Scouts, they open the time capsule and see all of the things they added.


Webelos Craftsman Activity BadgePinewood Derby and Webelos Craftsman  Our Pinewood Derby is next weekend and my den are putting the finishing touches on their cars (hopefully). I've told them they can count their cars as a Craftsman project if they did a significant amount of work on the cars themselves.


Summer CampThe Twelve Days of Camping Song  Heres another silly song for you. This works well at Christmas (because of the tune) or at camp (because of the theme).


FitnessLight the Candle Game for Cub Scouts  This is a simple game which works in well with a holiday themed meeting. It only requires a few materials and not much preparation, which makes it ideal in my mind. And it works indoors.


CraftsHoliday Napkin Rings  Cub Scouts can make this craft to brighten up a holiday table. They can decorate the napkin rings any way they want.


Partially peeled bananaBanana Bandanna Skit  The idea behind the skit is that the Scouter with the banana has misunderstood the announcer. Every time the announcer says to do something with the bandana, the Scouter does it with a banana instead.


Thanksgiving TurkeyThanksgiving Song  Here is a silly song for the Cub Scouts to sing on Thanksgiving. Use this for any of the Cub Scout music requirements


BalloonsElbow Balloon Pass Game  This game is all about cooperation. Talk afterwards about what made it easier to pass the balloon and what made it harder.


Tiger Cub ScoutsI Have to Go Wee Skit  This skit works with any number of Scouts. And because there aren't really any lines to memorize, I have seen it done successfully with all levels - even Tigers.


MusicThe Milk Song  This is a fun song for a campfire or for some audience participation at a Pack meeting. Plus it encourages healthy eating habits!


TreasurePirate Pick Up Game  Ahoy there me hearties! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So in honor of the occasion, I have a pirate game.


TeamworkHuman Knot Game  This is an icebreaker in which a group must work together to "untie" themselves from a knot. This is a cooperative rather than competitive game.


A cheer boxThere Ain't No Flies on Me  We have always done this as a cheer with two groups. The idea is to see which group can be the louder. This makes a fun activity for a Pack meeting or a campfire program.


Friends SwimmingNational Summertime Pack Award  Hopefully your Cub Scout Pack will remain active this summer. If your Pack has one activity each month, you might qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award.


CraftsCraft Stick Pencil Holders  Now that school is starting up again, Cub Scouts might enjoy making craft stick pencil holders to keep some of their school supplies in. Or they can give it to somebody else as a gift. This craft is very easy.


MusicTicks on a Toilet Seat Song  This song goes along with yesterday's Ticks on a Toilet Seat recipe. Sing while you snack and you can fulfill Tiger Elective 6, Wolf Elective 11f, or Webelos Showman requirement 9.


CraftsPatriotic Napkin and Utensil Holder  Here is a simple craft for your Fourth of July celebration which is actually functional. This craft could be used to fulfill Tiger Elective 2.


FrisbeeDock Your Flying Saucer Game  The idea of this game is to put the flying saucer (a Frisbee) in its space dock (a box). This is a good game for indoors or out.


MagicDark Magic Mind Reading Trick  This magic trick will amaze your Scouts. They might be able to figure it out after a few tries, but that is part of the fun. It is very easy to perform and doesn't require a lot of preparation.