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BirdGourd Birdhouse  Use dried gourds to make a birdhouse. If you didn't grow any yourself, you can probably find some in your area at a farmer's market or even a craft shop.


Map and CompassMaps, Compasses, and Declination  Scouts will be interested to learn that the north indicated by their compasses is not really true north. Instead it points to the magnetic north pole, which is not fixed. The difference between true north and magnetic north is called declination.


PocketknifeBear Den Meeting Plan - Shavings and Chips  Bear Achievement 19 - Shavings and Chips - was a favorite with both of my dens. Why? Because it's all about pocketknives.


BSA Centennial LogoHistorical Merit Badges | Carpentry  Carpentry is another of the historical merit badges which is only being offered this year. This is also a very achievable merit badge for most Scouts. It only requires one project.


HammerLeather Bookmark Project  This project is suitable for Webelos working on their Craftsman activity badge. It is simple enough for those not familiar with leatherwork, but it includes the basics of cutting, punching, and stamping.


BSA Centennial LogoHistorical Merit Badges | Tracking  One of the Scouters at Swift Base offered to do the Tracking merit badge. Thjis is another of the historic merit badges which are only being offered this year to celebrate the BSA 100th anniversary.


RopeKnot Terminology  It is helpful to go over the terminology with Scouts before working on learning a knot. That way we have a common vocabulary to start with.


Basketry Merit BadgeBasketry Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Basketry merit badge is always a favorite for our first and second year campers. It doesn't have a lot of requirements and is pretty straightforward.


Wolf Neckerchief SlideWolf Neckerchief Slide Craft  Homemade neckerchief slides are a Scouting tradition. This slide is a fun way to get Cub Scouts involved in this tradition.


HammerTwig Picture Frame Craft  Here is a simple frame craft to fulfill Webelos Craftsman activity badge requirement 3. You can also do this project with younger Cub Scouts if you do the gluing for them.


RopeSnapper Fishing Game  This is a traditional Scout game which might date back to Baden-Powell himself. It practices Scoutcraft (lashings) as well as cooperation and problem solving.


BSA Centennial LogoHistorical Merit Badges | Pathfinding  The Boy Scouts of America have released four historic merit badges for the 100th BSA anniversary. The Pathfinding merit badge is all about finding your way around the local area.


Neckerchief Slide HolderNeckerchief Slide Holder  Making and collecting neckerchief slides is a Scouting tradition. A neckerchief slide holder will help keep them organized. This project can be used to fulfill one of the Webelos Craftsman activity badge requirements.