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Square LashingScout Pioneering Website  Larry sent in this helpful suggestion for a site with lots of pioneering projects.


Handyman Bicycle RepairBSA Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plan 11 – Handyman  This idea from the Webelos den meeting plans covers the Handyman Activity Badge. Webelos learn how to take care of bicycles and automobiles.


Pioneering Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsPioneering Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts can practice their knot skills and build amazing projects when they work on the Pioneering merit badge. This is another one our Scouts often earn at summer camp.


Wood Carving Merit BadgeWood Carving Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts can learn about wood carving techniques and safety while working on the Wood Carving merit badge.


Orienteering Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsOrienteering Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Orienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in unfamiliar terrain. Boy Scouts can learn all about orienteering when they earn their Orienteering merit badge.


Map and Compass PinMap and Compass Pin for Cub Scouts  Map and compass skills are important for all Scouts. It is good to introduce them to Cub Scouts since they will rely on them more when they become Boy Scouts. Cub Scouts can hone their skills by working on the Map and Compass pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.


HammerBSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan F - Make It Yourself  BSA provides Wolf den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. Today's plan is a supplemental den meeting plan in which Wolf Cub Scouts make a recipe card holder.


RopeBSA Bear Den Meeting Plans - Tying It All Up  This Bear Cub Scout den meeting plan covers Bear Achievement 22 – Tying It All Up


gummy worm pinewood derby carBSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan C - More Spare Time Fun  This Wolf den meeting plan continues to work on Wolf Elective 5 – Spare Time Fun. The Wolves will complete their Pinewood Derby cars, which were started in the previous meeting.


PocketknifeBSA Bear Den Meeting Plans - Shavings and Chips  Bear Den Meeting Plans: This Bear Cub Scout den meeting idea covers Bear Achievement 19 – Shavings and Chips.


Pinewood Derby CarsWolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plans – Spare Time Fun  Your Wolf Cub Scouts will be working on their Pinewood Derby cars, so this meeting is intended to be completed before your Pack Pinewood Derby. They will be starting the car at this meeting and completing it at the next.


Map and CompassBear Den Meeting Plans: Maps  BSA provides Bear den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. One of the Bear den meeting plans covers much of Elective 23 - Maps.


gummy worm pinewood derby carBSA Bear Den Meeting Plan 16 – Build a Model (Pinewood Derby Car Continued)  This Bear den meeting plan continues Bear Achievement 21 - Build a Model. Bear Cub Scouts paint and finish their pinewood derby cars.


Pinewood DerbyBSA Bear Den Meeting Plan 15 - Build a Model (Pinewood Derby Car)  BSA provides Bear den meeting ideas for den leaders. This plan covers Bear Achievement 21 - Build a Model by making a Pinewood Derby car with the Scouts.


Pinewood Derby CarsBSA Tiger Den Meeting Plans: Supplemental Plan C - Make a Model (Pinewood Derby Car)  Tiger den meeting plans: This plan continues Tiger Elective 17 – Make a Model which was started at the previous meeting. The Tigers complete their Pinewood Derby cars.


Webelos Craftsman Activity BadgeWebelos Den Meeting Ideas: Plan 14 - Craftsman  This Webelos den meeting idea is all about doing Craftsman projects. Additional craftsman projects and Webelos den meeting ideas can be found on my Craftsman projects page.


The Little Book of WhittlingThe Little Book of Whittling  This book contains 20 whittling projects. Beginning wood carvers will find some new ideas here. Great for Cub Scouts working on Bear Achievement 19 – Shavings and Chips and Boy Scouts working on Wood Carving Merit Badge.


Totin Chip CardTotin' Chip  The Totin Chip certification grants a Scout the right to carry and use woods tools. Recently it also proved to be a great way to recruit new Scouts for our troop.


Webelos Craftsman Activity BadgeWebelos Den Meeting Ideas: Plan 13 - Craftsman  This Webelos den meeting plan is for working on Pinewood Derby cars as a Craftsman project. Additional craftsman projects and Webelos den meeting ideas can be found on my Craftsman projects page.


Leatherwork Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsLeatherwork Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  You can always find the area of Boy Scout summer camp where they are working on the Leatherwork merit badge by the noise of boys busily stamping leather.


bear cub scout handbookMini Cub Scout Handbook (Neckerchief Slides)  


Duct Tape Crafts: Duct Tape Napkin Rings  Scouts can never do too many duct tape crafts! I found these very cute duct tape napkin rings and the instructions.


Woodwork Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsWoodwork Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts make a carpentry project while working on the Woodwork merit badge. Our local carpenters union holds a skill center for this badge every year and the Scouts who have gone have really enjoyed it.


HammerBSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 9 - Tools for Fixing and Building  This Wolf Cub Scout den meeting plan covers Wolf Achievement 5 - Tools for Fixing and Building.


Hand Saw ToolBSA Bear Den Meeting 6 - More Sawdust and Nails and Games, Games, Games!  This Bear Den Meeting plan completes Bear Achievement 20 – Sawdust and Nails and covers part of Bear Achievement 15 - Games, Games, Games.


Neckerchief Slide BraceletNeckerchief Slide Bracelet  Last weekend ZM's den received their Arrow of Light award and crossed over to Boy Scouts. My den gave me a gift which included a gift certificate and this bracelet which one of the moms made from Cub Scout neckerchief slides.


CampfireHow to Build a Fire Skit  Skits can be a great way to start an instruction program. They get everyone's attention focused. This is a skit I saw at a camporee, but it would also work as an introduction to a session on fire building.


energy conservationBSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 7: Your Living World and Tie It Right  BSA provides den meeting plans for den leaders on the website. This plan covers Wolf Achievement 7 – Your Living World and Wolf Elective 17 – Tie It Right.


RopeCrossing the Alligator Pit Game  This is a very challenging game which combines lashing skills and teamwork. It would work well for an interpatrol activity at a meeting focused on pioneering skills.


Map and Compass Belt Loop for Cub ScoutsMap and Compass Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  This belt loop is a good way to introduce Cub Scouts to the basic principles of reading a map and using a compass. These are basic skills which all Scouts should be familiar with. When your Cub Scouts move on to Boy Scouts it will be helpful for them to have some basic map and compass skills already.


PocketknifeHiking Stick Craftsman Project  Cub Scouts love to get their pocketknives out and strip bark from fallen sticks. Why not make it into a project?


RopeBoot Scraper Camp Gadget  Here is a really simple camp gadget I saw at a camporee a few years back. It was a simple gadget for scraping the mud off of the bottom of the boots.


HammerDuct Tape Wallet Craftsman Project  I came across this idea and thought they would enjoy it. After all, what Scout doesn't enjoy using duct tape?


Map and CompassPersonal Measurement Log for Orienteering  When you go on an orienteering course, you need to have some ways to measure things. Some of the methods used require you to have something of known length for comparison. A personal measurement log will help you with this.


Model ShipBear Achievement 21 (Build a Model) and Pinewood Derby  A lot of packs have their Pinewood Derby in January, so this is a good time to think about how this fun event can fit in with advancement.


RopeHand Washing Station Gadget  This is a gadget which was shown to us at a recent Roundtable. It uses lashings to make a handwashing station from straight sticks and an empty gallon milk jug.


Map and CompassFinding Direction Using a Watch  For First Class Requirement 1, Scouts must show how to find their way at day and night without a compass. This method only requires a watch.


Klutz Book of KnotsMy Favorite Knot Book  This book was recommended a few years ago when I went to Cub Scout BALOO training. I am not a "knot person". I can watch someone do a knot and repeat it, but an hour later it is forgotten.


RopePot and Towel Rack Camp Gadget  These instructions are for a pot and towel drying rack. There is a small picture of a similar gadget in the Boy Scout handbook.


HammerTic Tac Toe Game Project  I thought this would make a good Craftsman project for my Webelos. We'll probably try this in December. They could make these and then give them to someone as a Christmas present.