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Oceanography Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsOceanography Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts learn about marine science and the delicate balance of life in our oceans while earning the Oceanography merit badge.


Geology PinGeology Pin for Cub Scouts  Geology is the study of the earth. Cubs who enjoy rock collecting, caves, fossils, and more can earn the Geology pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.


Veterinary Medicine Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsVeterinary Medicine Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts will learn all about keeping animals in good health when they earn the Veterinary Medicine merit badge.


Electricity Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsElectricity Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts can learn all about circuits and energy while earning the Electricity merit badge.


Mineral Hardness Scale (Mohs’ Hardess Scale Scratch Test)  If your Scout is working on a geology badge, he might need use a mineral hardness scale such as the Mohs's Hardness Scale Scratch Test.


Webelos Engineer Activity BadgeBSA Webelos Den Meeting Plans: # 12 – Engineer Activity Badge  BSA provides Webelos den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders on the website. The twelfth Webelos den meeting plan completes the Engineer Activity Badge which was stared in the previous meeting.


Egg Drop ChallengeEgg Drop Challenge - An Engineering Project  In an egg drop challenge, Scouts try to design a container which can prevent an egg from breaking when dropped. This is an excellent project to get kids interested in science and engineering.


TornadoMake a Tornado in a Bottle   Tornadoes are destructive storms are caused by a vortex. You can use the classic “tornado in a bottle” demonstration to explain how a vortex forms.


Webelos Engineer Activity BadgeBSA Webelos Den Meeting Plans: Den Meeting Plan #11 – Engineer  BSA provides Webelos den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders on the website. The eleventh Webelos den meeting plan starts the Engineer Activity Badge. With ZM's den, this was a favorite activity badge. They loved making projects and trying them out.


Geology Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsGeology Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  There are a lot of caves in our area, so many Boy Scouts do the requirements for the Geology merit badge in conjuction with a cave tour outing. Some of the cave sites have geologists on staff who can show the Scouts specimens and explain the material to them.


BalloonsAir Pressure Demonstration  This demonstration can be used to fulfill Webelos Scientist activity badge requirement 6: Show the effects of air pressure.It would also be a fun way to end a pack meeting or den meeting with a science theme


Webelos Geologist Activity BadgeBSA Webelos Den Meeting Plans: Den Meeting Plan #10 – Geologist  BSA provides Webelos den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders on the website. The tenth Webelos den meeting plan completes the Geologist Activity Badge which was started in meeting plan 9.


Boeing 747 Aircraft Taking OffBernoulli’s Principle Demonstration  Use this demonstration for Webelos Scientist activity badge requirement 1: Read Bernoulli’s principle. Show how it works.It could also be done in conjuction with the Science Belt Loop and Pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.


Another Printable Environmental Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle  This printable environmental science vocabulary puzzle will help your Scouts remember their environmental science terminology.


pencilZiploc Bag vs Pencil Experiment  This simple experiment to demonstrate the scientific method is always a hit with the scouts. The results are not usually what they expect. Use this to fulfill requirement 2 for the Cub Scouts Academics and Sports Program Science Belt Loop.


Astronomy PinAstronomy Pin for Cub Scouts  If you are planning some activities for your pack or den for this spring, consider an evening of stargazing. While you are out studying the night sky, your Cub Scouts can work on the requirements for the Astronomy Pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.


webmasterWebmaster Description and Self Evaluation   The Webmaster posts information about troop outings, service projects, and other events to the troop and/or chartered organization website.


LemonInvisible Ink Demonstration  An invisible ink demonstration will add fun to any Cub Scout meeting. If they haven't seen this before, it will really get their attention. This would fit in with any science themed meeting or a communications themed meeting.


Science PinScience Pin for Cub Scouts  If your Cub Scout comes home all excited from what he did in science class that day, have him look at the Science pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program. Many of these requirements would also be good as the basis for a science fair project.


Science Belt LoopScience Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  I always enjoy seeing kids faces light up when they realize how fun hands on science can be. Letting them explore the way the world works and try to understand why something happens is always exciting. If you want to spark an interest in science in your Cub Scouts, have them look at the Science belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.


Astronomy Merit BadgeAstronomy Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  When I was camping with my Webelos a few weeks ago, they mentioned how much brighter the stars were at camp. So we talked about how light pollution affects star gazing. And I told them that when they are Boy Scouts, they can learn even more about astronomy. So maybe a few of them will be working on this merit badge.


Weather PinWeather Pin for Cub Scouts  Do you have a Cub Scout who loves to watch the weather? Or maybe he always knows the forecast for the next week. I have one Scout in my Webelos den who is fascinated by the weather. He has made his own weather website and even brings his weather radio to camp with him.


Mini Weapons of Mass DestructionBook Review: Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction  My boys loved this book! It shows them how to make miniature catapults, bows, and other projectile machines out of common office supplies. This book would make a great basis for a troop open house or a just for a fun meeting. The projects in the book are perfect for 10 to 13 year old boys, which is usually the age group we target most heavily for recruiting. It could also be used with the Engineering merit badge or the Webelos Engineer activity badge.


ScienceCubmaster Minute – Science and Perseverance  The Cub Scout core value for the month of June is perseverance. Here is a brief Cubmaster minute to help Cub Scout understand why perseverance is important.


ScienceHow to Grow a Sugar Crystal  Webelos must learn about crystals to fulfill requirement 10 for the Webelos Scientist activity badge. I did this activity with DS, LC, and ZM when they were working on this badge. They really enjoyed it. When making the crystals, make sure they keep adding sugar until it really won't dissolve anymore and it will be successful.


Webelos Engineer Activity BadgeWebelos Engineer Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 2  Today I am posting another den meeting plan for Webelos Engineer activity badge. This meeting plan, along with the first meeting plan, completes all of the requirements.


Webelos Engineer Activity BadgeWebelos Engineer Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1  When we were working on the Engineer activity badge, I told my Webelos that engineering is all about looking at a problem, considering the resources at your disposal, and then finding a solution.


ScienceA Simple Explanation of the Scientific Method   If you don't have a background in science, helping your Cub Scout out with this might seem a little intimidating. But the scientific method is really very basic and only involves a few simple concepts.


inventingInventing Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  This looks like an interesting badge which they could work on together, but without a counselor in the troop to give them a little nudge, I could picture this dragging on for months. I'll go ahead and pass the requirements on to the PLC in case they are interested in pursuing it though.


Computers Belt LoopComputers Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  The Computers belt loop is really easy for Cub Scouts to earn. Earning this belt loop as a Webelos Scout meets requirement 14 for the Webelos Communicator activity badge.


Geology Belt LoopGeology Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  If you know a rockhound, this belt loop would make a great activity for a Pack meeting.


Astronomy Belt LoopAstronomy Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  In honor of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!), today my focus is on the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Astronomy Belt Loop. Help your Scouts reach for the stars by encouraging them to work on this belt loop.


Weather Belt LoopWeather Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  Get your Cub Scouts outside to work on their Weather Belt Loop. If you don't have time to do this at a meeting, send a copy of the requirements home with your scouts.