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New Leader Orientation  A reader asks " I am putting together a Leader Orientation for next year and was wondering what you would include, especially with the upcoming program changes."


What If the Committee Is Acting as Scoutmaster?  A reader sent in this question: "What if the troop committee board is planning everything and the Scoutmaster is out of the loop?"


Instant Recognition for Cub Scouts  A reader asks if it is OK to hand out the instant recognition beads for Cub Scouts at a pack meeting.


Assistant Patrol Leader and Rank Advancement  If you look at the list of positions which can be used to meet the position of responsibility requirement for Star and Life, you will see that assistant patrol leader is not listed there.


Tiger Cub ScoutsFitting Everything in a Cub Scout Meeting  A reader asks about how many requirements must be done at the first Tiger meeting. If you feel like you have too much material for one meeting, split it into two.


Hands On Activities at Den Meetings  A reader asks "Our den leader does 90% paperwork and talking at den meetings on the items in the handbook. Is this they way it is or are there other packs and dens that do hands on activities to accomplish same goals? "


Helping an Auditory Learner with Webelos Requirements  A reader asks about helping an auditory learner with the Webelos requirements. Songs can be a big help to auditory learners.


Webelos Requirements  A reader who is a new Webelos den leader is confused about how many activity badges must be completed. We try to sort it out.


Tiger Cub ScoutsGetting Parents to Sign Boys Up for Cub Scouting  A reader writes in looking for advice about convincing parents to sign their children up for the Cub Scouts. What ideas can you share with her?


Waiting for a Board of Review  A reader's son has been asked to wait two months for his board of review. This does seem like a long delay for rank advancement.


knotWhere Do Boy Scouts Learn Skills?  A reader asks if Scout skills can only be learned at Scout events. While this is typical, if a Scout learned the skill elsewhere and can fulfill the requirement then it should be signed off.


Scheduling a Boy Scout Board of Review  Can a troop place requirements on how a Board of Review must be requested? For example, can a troop require that the Scout request the BOR by phone rather than in person?


Bicycling Belt LoopWhen Must Belt Loop and Pin Requirement Be Fulfilled  A reader asks "In working on BL and pin requirements, do the scouts need to complete the requirements during a current "year" (their Wolf or Bear year for example)? " The requirements are not year specific, so we have always allowed our Cub Scouts to work on the requirements at any time since they joined Cub Scouting.


Eagle PalmsEagle Palms and Merit Badges  Steve sent in this question about Eagle palms: In terms of earning Palms. Do MB's earned before getting Eagle count towards Palms?


Merit Badge Check Off List  I've had several requests lately for a newer version of the merit badge check off list, updated with the newest badges. So I've redone the list as a Google spreadsheet. This will make it easier to keep updated.


Inactive Scouts in Patrols  A reader is involved in a large troop, but due to low participation from scouts it is difficult to have patrol leader elections and a youth led program.


Norman Rockwell's Boy Scout paintingCrossover Bridge Design  Chip sent in this question: "Hi, We are looking to build a crossover bridge and was wondering if you know where we could find some plans Thanks, Chip"


Pet Care Belt LoopWho Can Earn Belt Loops  A reader asks when a Cub Scout may work on a belt loop. Any Cub Scout can work on the belt loops and pins in the Academics and Sports program at any time.


Cub Scout Badges and Awards  Kristy asked about Cub Scout badges and awards. The Cub Scout advancement program can be confusing. Here is an explanation, but it will be changing in about a year.


Age Requirements for Merit Badges  A reader asks about how old a Scout should be to work on a merit badge. The Guide to Advancement provides some answers.


Cub Scouts - Strong Values - Strong Leaders - Character CountsCub Scout Awards  Cub Scouts do not earn badges like Boy Scouts do, but there are a number of supplemental award programs they can work on. They should focus on rank achievements first, but these programs will provide an opportunity for some extra activities.


Faith Requirements for Cub Scouts and Agnostics  Two Cub Scout leaders ask about how to complete Wolf Achievement 11 - Duty to God with Cub Scouts who are raised in agnostic homes.


Going on a Bear Hunt  Like many skits, it has multiple versions. It is actually based on the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.


Tiger Cub ScoutsTiger Cub Electives – Group or Individual?  All Tiger Cub activities are to be done with an adult partner. The adult partner can be a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. I've even had a college aged sibling do activities with Tiger Cubs.


Webelos Cub Scout badgeReverse Tracking Tool for Webelos Advancement  A reader is looking for a tool to determine if an activity in the community corresponds/matches-up with a requirement toward an Activity Badge for Webelos.


How Many Count as a Patrol?  Karen asked this question: "How many boys from a Patrol does there need to be to qualify as doing "anything" as a Patrol?"


boys and pet dogActivity Patches   A reader asks "I have quite a number of different little patches that I would like to give out to my scouts. Is there a list with pictures of what these different patches would be awarded for? "


Tiger Cub ScoutsGifts for Crossover for Tiger Cubs to Make for Boy Scouts  Reader Evelyn asked this question: Our Webelos are crossing over to Boy Scouts and I was trying to think of a project for the tiger cubs to make or do for the boys crossing over? Just so that the TC can be a part of the excitement. Any ideas?


Bear Electives and Arrow Points  Arrow points can be confusing. Each part of an elective counts toward arrow points. In addition, Bears can use the requirements from any achievements they did not do as part of the Bear badge.


Interpreting Requirements  For requirements, the Scout must do the requirement as written. The Advisor, consultant, merit badge counselor, etc interprets those requirements to the best of their ability to ensure that the Scout fulfills them. They may not add to or subtract from the requirement.


Crossover and Webelos Who Did Not Complete Requirements  A reader asks "What should we do if we know some of the boys won't be continuing on to Boy Scouts? What about boys not completing AOL requirements? "


Three Happy BoysCombining Bears and Wolves  Tracy asked this question: Has anyone had experience combining the wolf and bear dens (due to low numbers)? Is it possible and what is the best way to do this?


Mother’s Ribbons at Court of Honor  A reader's troop is handing out mothers ribbons to some of the moms at a Court of Honor. How should this be handled since not every mom paid for a ribbon.


Broken Arrow Ceremony for Boys Joining in Webelos  Reader Beth asked "Should I do a Broken Arrow Ceremony for boys who have just come into Scouting in Webelos 1? I did one when the other boys earned the Bear in the Spring, but now I have 3 new boys."


Award Check List  Do you happen to have an award check list like your Merit Badges? I love your format and would love to either have or put together a template.