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We Don't Have a Skit Skit  The We Don't Have a Skit skit is great because it can be used with any number of Scouts. It is also a good skit to do with younger Scouts because they don't have to remember many lines.


Whittling Chip Card Corners  A reader asks about cutting the corners from a Whittling Chip card when the owner commits a safety infraction.


Water Bottle Holder Projects  Here are some water bottle holder projects I came across recently. Scouts will want to keep their water bottles with them when they can carry them in a water bottle holder they made themselves.


Wolf Elective Adventure Requirements: Finding Your Way  For the Finding Your Way adventure, Wolves learn map and compass skills.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Castaway  For the Castaway adventure, Webelos learn survival skills for situations where shelter, water, and electricity might not be available.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Build It  For the Build It adventure, Webelos learn about using tools safely and carpentry. Then they use what they have learned to build a project.


Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Baloo the Builder  For the Baloo the Builder adventure, Bears learn about tools and make a wood project.


Wolf Adventure Requirements: Paws on the Path  For the Paws on the Path adventure, Wolves learn how to hike safely and under the guidelines of the Outdoor Code and LNT. Then they go on a hike.


Arrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Scouting Adventure  For the Scouting adventure, Webelos learn what it will be like to be a member of a Boy Scout troop and they learn some outdoor skills.


Arrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Camper  In the Camper Arrow of Light core adventure, Webelos learn how to camp and outdoor skills such as geocaching, knot tying, the Outdoor Code, and Leave No Trace.


Bear Adventure Requirements: Bear Necessities  For this Bear Necessities adventure, Bears learn some outdoor skills, go camping, do some cooking, and learn a little about the weather.


Webelos Adventure Requirements: Cast Iron Chef  In the Cast Iron Chef adventure, Webelos learn about healthy food choices and how to safely prepare food in an outdoor setting.


Bear Adventure Requirements: Bear Claws  Bear Claws is one of the Bear CORE Adventure Requirements. In this adventure, Bears learn how to use their pocketknives safely and carve a couple of items.


Wolf Adventure Requirements: Call of the Wild  Call of the Wild is one of the Wolf CORE Adventure Requirements. Wolves go camping, learn some Scout skills, think about being prepared for outdoor adventure, and learn about Leave No Trace.


An Unconventional Arrow of Light Award  Stephen made a light up Arrow of Light for his son and was kind enough to send in pictures and instructions if anyone else would like to make one.


The Little Book of WhittlingThe Little Book of Whittling  This book contains 20 whittling projects. Beginning wood carvers will find some new ideas here. Great for Cub Scouts working on Bear Achievement 19 – Shavings and Chips and Boy Scouts working on Wood Carving Merit Badge.


The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking: 150 Easy ProjectsThe Big Book of Weekend Woodworking: 150 Easy Projects   This woodworking book has plans for 150 woodworking projects for beginners. It also includes information on tools and planning


Woodworking for Kids BookThe All-New Woodworking for Kids  This woodworking book has plans for almost 40 projects. It also includes information on tools, material, and safety.


Inexpensive Bird House KitsInexpensive Bird House Kits (Pack of 12)  These inexpensive bird house kits are perfect for your den meeting. The pieces are all pre-cut, so your Cub Scouts just need to assemble and finish them.


The Science of Fire – The Fire Triangle  Knowledge of fire safety and the fire triangle is an essential outdoor skill. Scouts should understand the science of fire when camping. Understanding the way fire works and what is required to start and sustain a fire not only helps them build fires. It also helps scouts know how to contain fires and put them out.


How to Build a Fire Skit  Skits can be a great way to start an instruction program. They get everyone's attention focused. This is a skit I saw at a camporee, but it would also work as an introduction to a session on fire building.


Hiking Stick Craftsman Project  Cub Scouts love to get their pocketknives out and strip bark from fallen sticks. Why not make it into a project?


Edible Campfires Recipe  Scouts should know how to build a fire. I am always amazed how many kids don't understand the concept of using tinder and small sticks. This snack will help introduce the concept.


Fire Safety with Cub Scouts  I like to review some fire safety rules with my Webelos before the fire is built. That way they all know the expectations.