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We Don't Have a Skit Skit  The We Don't Have a Skit skit is great because it can be used with any number of Scouts. It is also a good skit to do with younger Scouts because they don't have to remember many lines.


Whittling Chip Card Corners  A reader asks about cutting the corners from a Whittling Chip card when the owner commits a safety infraction.


Fishing Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  There are many preplanned programs available to PLCs who are planning meetings and activities for their troops. One of these is the Fishing Troop Program Feature .


Fall Fun Rally 2014  In a couple of weeks, our crew is going to Fall Fun Rally. This annual event, which started 41 years ago in the Greater St. Louis Area Council, claims to be the largest annual gathering of Venturers and Explorers.


Boy Scout Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award  By earning this award, Boy Scouts become more aware of the principles of Leave No Trace and the Outdoor Code and learn to have minimal impact on the environment when hiking, camping, and participating in other outdoor activities.


Cub Scout Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award  Cub Scouts and their leaders can earn the Outdoor Ethics Awareness award to start learning about being responsible citizens while outdoors.


Water Bottle Holder Projects  Here are some water bottle holder projects I came across recently. Scouts will want to keep their water bottles with them when they can carry them in a water bottle holder they made themselves.


Wolf Elective Adventure Requirements: Grow Something  For the Grow Something adventure, Wolves learn about plants and gardening.


Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Salmon Run  For the Salmon Run adventure, Bears learn swimming and boating safety rules and then go have fun in the water.


Wolf Elective Adventure Requirements: Spirit of the Water  For the Spirit of the Water adventure, Wolves learn about water conservation and how to enjoy swimming and boating safely.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Into the Woods  For the Into the Woods adventure, Webelos learn all about trees and the forest ecosystem.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Into the Wild  For the Into the Wild adventure, Webelos learn about wildlife and the balance of nature.


Wolf Elective Adventure Requirements: Finding Your Way  For the Finding Your Way adventure, Wolves learn map and compass skills.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Castaway  For the Castaway adventure, Webelos learn survival skills for situations where shelter, water, and electricity might not be available.


Tiger Elective Adventure Requirements: Floats and Boats  For the Floats and Boats adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners learn boats, swimming, and water safety.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Build It  For the Build It adventure, Webelos learn about using tools safely and carpentry. Then they use what they have learned to build a project.


Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Baloo the Builder  For the Baloo the Builder adventure, Bears learn about tools and make a wood project.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Aquanaut  For the Aquanaut adventure, Webelos learn about safety in the water while swimming and boating and practice their aquatics skills.


Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: A Bear Goes Fishing  For the A Bear Goes Fishing adventure, Bears learn about fishing regulations and equipment. Then they try to catch some fish.


Webelos Adventure Requirements: Webelos Walkabout  For the Webelos Walkabout adventure, Webelos plan and carry out a three mile hike and complete a service project.


Tiger Adventure Requirements: Tigers in the Wild  For the Tigers in the Wild adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners learn some outdoor skills, go hiking, and participate in other outdoor activities.


Wolf Adventure Requirements: Paws on the Path  For the Paws on the Path adventure, Wolves learn how to hike safely and under the guidelines of the Outdoor Code and LNT. Then they go on a hike.


Arrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Scouting Adventure  For the Scouting adventure, Webelos learn what it will be like to be a member of a Boy Scout troop and they learn some outdoor skills.


Bear Adventure Requirements: Fur, Feathers, and Ferns  For the Fur, Feathers, and Ferns adventure, Bears learn about wildlife and plants in their area and about endangered species.


Arrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Camper  In the Camper Arrow of Light core adventure, Webelos learn how to camp and outdoor skills such as geocaching, knot tying, the Outdoor Code, and Leave No Trace.


Bear Adventure Requirements: Bear Necessities  For this Bear Necessities adventure, Bears learn some outdoor skills, go camping, do some cooking, and learn a little about the weather.


Wolf Adventure Requirements: Council Fire  For the Council Fire adventure, Wolves learn about being a member of a community. They plan a service project, look for ways they can help in their area, and actively participate in making their community better.


Arrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Building a Better World  In the Building a Better World Arrow of Light adventure, Webelos learn all about citizenship including about the rights and duties of citizens, local government, improving our communities through conservation, and connecting with Scouts in different countries.


Webelos Adventure Requirements: Cast Iron Chef  In the Cast Iron Chef adventure, Webelos learn about healthy food choices and how to safely prepare food in an outdoor setting.


Bear Adventure Requirements: Bear Claws  Bear Claws is one of the Bear CORE Adventure Requirements. In this adventure, Bears learn how to use their pocketknives safely and carve a couple of items.


Wolf Adventure Requirements: Call of the Wild  Call of the Wild is one of the Wolf CORE Adventure Requirements. Wolves go camping, learn some Scout skills, think about being prepared for outdoor adventure, and learn about Leave No Trace.


Tiger Adventure Requirements: Backyard Jungle  For this adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners learn to really observe the outdoors and see all of the life and activity that happens in nature.


Environment Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  The focus of the Environmental troop program feature for Boy Scouts is on the interdependence of living things.


Hiking the 1000 Steps TrailJune Cub Scout Theme - Over the Horizon (Perseverance)  One of the Cub Scout themes for the June core value of Perseverance is an Over the Horizon theme. This program theme is based on hiking.


Scouts Who Don't Enjoy the Outdoors  Reader question: There is a cub in our pack that has no interest in the outdoors. He and I were talking about our upcoming family camp and he is dreading it. How can I help get him interested in being outdoors?


Fish and Chips and Vinegar Song  


Campsites at Swift BaseThemed Summer Camps for Scouts and Venturers  Catholic Adventure Week, STEM Camps, Sea Scouts vs Pirates, camps for those who like to rough it, fishing camp, Eagle Trail camp, horse camp, and more.


CampingBSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan R - Let's Go Camping  In this idea from the Bear den meeting plans, Cub Scouts learn how to prepare for a campout for Bear Elective 25 – Lets Go Camping.


BSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan Q - Family Outdoor Adventure  In this idea from the Bear den meeting plans, Cub Scouts go on a family hike for Bear Achievement 12 – Family Outdoor Adventure and the Hiking Belt Loop.


Sustainability Merit Badge  The Sustainability Merit Badge was added as a new merit badge in the summer of 2013. This badge focuses on lifestyle adaptations which use our planet's natural resources more wisely.