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Webelos WalkaboutWebelos Adventure Requirements: Webelos Walkabout  For the Webelos Walkabout adventure, Webelos plan and carry out a three mile hike and complete a service project.


Bear Paws for ActionBear Adventure Requirements: Paws for Action  For the Paws for Action adventure, Bears learn about history, law enforcement, and conservation.


Grin and Bear ItBear Adventure Requirements: Grin and Bear It  For the Grin and Bear It adventure, Bears play a game and hold a Cub Scout Carnival at a pack meeting.


Webelos First ResponderWebelos Adventure Requirements: First Responder  For the First Responder adventure, Webelos learn some basic first aid and emergency preparedness skills.


Wolf Howling at the MoonWolf Adventure Requirements: Howling at the Moon  For the Howling at the Moon adventure, Wolves practice their communication skills by creating a skit and performing it at a pack campfire program.


AOL Faith in ActionArrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Faith in Action   For the Faith in Action AOL adventure, Webelos either earn the religious emblem of their faith or create and carry out a plan to strengthen their own beliefs.


Bear Fellowship of FaithBear Adventure Requirements: Fellowship of Faith  For the Fellowship of Faith adventure, Bears learn either earn the religious emblem for their faith or explore the practice and history of their beliefs.


Wolf Footsteps of FaithWolf Adventure Requirements: Footsteps of Faith  For the Footsteps of Faith adventure, Wolves visit a religious monument and create a display about their trip. They also explore other aspects of faith.


AOL CamperArrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Camper  In the Camper Arrow of Light core adventure, Webelos learn how to camp and outdoor skills such as geocaching, knot tying, the Outdoor Code, and Leave No Trace.


Webelos Faith In ActionWebelos Adventure Requirements: Faith in Action  For this adventure, Webelos either earn the religious emblem of their faith or plan and take part in an interfaith service and explore their own beliefs.


Bear NecessitiesBear Adventure Requirements: Bear Necessities  For this Bear Necessities adventure, Bears learn some outdoor skills, go camping, do some cooking, and learn a little about the weather.


Wolf Council FireWolf Adventure Requirements: Council Fire  For the Council Fire adventure, Wolves learn about being a member of a community. They plan a service project, look for ways they can help in their area, and actively participate in making their community better.


Games Tigers PlayTiger Adventure Requirements: Games Tigers Play  For the Games Tigers Play adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners learn about teamwork while playing games. They also explore how active games and nutritious food keep us healthy.


Uniform and FlagScheduling a Boy Scout Board of Review  Can a troop place requirements on how a Board of Review must be requested? For example, can a troop require that the Scout request the BOR by phone rather than in person?


Wolf Call of the WildWolf Adventure Requirements: Call of the Wild  Call of the Wild is one of the Wolf CORE Adventure Requirements. Wolves go camping, learn some Scout skills, think about being prepared for outdoor adventure, and learn about Leave No Trace.


PencilPicture Telephone Game  Picture Telephone is a visual version of the classic telephone game. Our Crew recently played this during the Communication section of the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews course.


EngineerEngineering Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  The engineering troop program feature helps a PLC plan a month's worth of activities with an engineering theme.


Kid Doing Silence Gesture Over White BackgroundSleeping Guard Game  Sleeping Guard is a fun game for a den. The object of the game is for the Scouts to be quiet enough to sneak up on a blindfolded guard and steal an object. Perfect for a bunch of noisy Cub Scouts!


digital technology merit badgeDigital Technology Merit Badge  Scouts today are familiar with many types of digital technology - the Internet, smart phones, tablets, computers. The Digital Technology merit badge teaches Boy Scouts how to use technology safely and responsibly.


choose_to_refuseBSA Substance Abuse Prevention Program  Scott sent in this question: My son is home schooled and has to do the requirement for second class 9a. The drug awareness part. do you have any suggestions on what he can do to meet this requirement?


ReadingBSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan S - Tall Tales  In this idea from the Bear den meeting plans, Cub Scouts learn about folklore and storytelling for Bear Achievement 4 – Tall Tales.


communicationCommunication Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  BSA has a set of troop programs which can help PLCs plan activities around a theme. This communication program feature offers the opportunity to plan a month's worth of troop activities which focus on giving and receiving information.


Uniform and FlagInactive Scouts in Patrols  A reader is involved in a large troop, but due to low participation from scouts it is difficult to have patrol leader elections and a youth led program.


Teenagers in Human PyramidIntroduction to Youth Leadership Skills (ILSC or ILST)  This weekend our Venturing Crew did the Introduction to Youth Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC). This course teaches Crew members basic leadership skills. There is a corresponding course for Boy Scout troops (ILST).


marblesBSA Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plan 15 - Sportsman (Marbles)  This idea from the Webelos den meeting for the Sportsman Activity Badge, Cub Scouts learn about the game of marbles and earn their Marbles Belt Loop.


Boeing 747 Aircraft Taking OffForces of Flight Game  The Forces of Flight game would make a fun addition to a pack meeting for the Soaring the Skies Cub Scout theme. Use this game when the Cub Scouts have been sitting for too long and need to get up and move around.


WorkBusiness Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  BSA has a set of troop programs which can help PLCs plan activities around a theme. This business program feature offers the opportunity to plan a month's worth of troop activities with business theme.


Three Happy BoysDen Leader Asked to Lead a Different Den  A Wolf den leader is seeking feedback about being asked to stay with the Wolf den next year instead of continuing with her son's den when they move to Bears.


scoutmasterDisbanding a Very Small Boy Scout Troop  A reader reports My son has been in a very small Boy Scout Troop for 2 years now. Our scoutmaster had a meeting to discuss the fact that the boys scouting experience is very limited because of the troops size and suggested that the scouts transfer to another troop.


Wolf Say It RightBSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan O - Say It Right  Today's plan is a supplemental den meeting plan in which Wolf Cub Scouts learn about language and storytelling to fulfill some requirements from Wolf Elective 22 – Say It Right.


Mining in SocietyMining in Society Merit Badge  The Mining in Society merit badge encourages Boy Scouts to learn more about how materials are obtained, the different types of mining, safety and environmental concerns in the mining industry, and careers in mining.


Programming Merit BadgeProgramming Merit Badge   Today's youth are more and more connected via technology. Understanding programming will help them understand how to use that technology safely and effectively.


Bear Cub Scout Build a ModelBSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan O - Build a Model  In this idea from the Bear den meeting plans, Cub Scouts take a trip to see a building model for the requirements for Bear Achievement 21 – Build a Model.


CyberChipCyber Chip Program  The BSA Cyber Chip program encourages Scouts to learn how to use their electronic devices safely. Some of the issues the program addresses are protecting personal information, cyber bullying, appropriate use of social media, cell phones, texting, and netiquette.


Bear American Indian LifeBSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan N - American Indian Life  This idea from the Bear den meeting plans focuses on the culture of the first Americans. It covers requirements for Bear Elective 24 – American Indian Life.


MoneyConflicts with Unit Fundraising  The best way to handle possible conflicts between unit fundraisers is to talk it out.


Pizza BoxPizza Man Song  The Pizza Man song is a camp classic. This is one of those songs that has many different versions and they are all fun. All of the catch phrases rhyme (somewhat) with "man" and a lot of emphasis is usually put on the rhyme.


Communicator ComputersBSA Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plan 13 - Communicator  This idea from the Webelos den meeting plans covers part of the Communicator Activity Badge. Webelos visit a library, learn how to use computers, and earn their Computers Belt Loop during this meeting.


Wolf Family EmergencyBSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan M - Family Alert  This idea from the wolf den meeting plans covers part of Wolf Elective 16 – Family Alert in which Wolf Cub Scouts learn about emergency preparedness.


Medicine Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsMedicine Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  If you know a Boy Scout who thinks he might want to be a doctor, have him look at the requirements for the Medicine merit badge