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FitnessTips for Wolf Achievement 1 - Feats of Skill  There are a couple of different ways to work on Wolf Achievement 1 - Feats of Skill - with your den. One way is to do all of the requirements in one meeting. Another is to spread them out between different meetings.


FitnessRecruiting New Boy Scouts  We know of a number of middle school students who are not currently involved in Scouting. So this is a good time of year to try to recruit them into the Troop.


Order of the ArrowWhat Is the Order of the Arrow?  Some of you may have Boy Scouts in your families who are in the process of becoming members of the Order of the Arrow. Just when you thought you were getting a grasp on Boy Scouts, they threw something new at you!


MusicTicks on a Toilet Seat Song  This song goes along with yesterday's Ticks on a Toilet Seat recipe. Sing while you snack and you can fulfill Tiger Elective 6, Wolf Elective 11f, or Webelos Showman requirement 9.


CampfireCampfire Cinnamon Crescents Recipe  Here is another easy recipe for summer camp season. The only real trick to these is to cook them slowly so they cook all the way through.


Summer CampWebelos Mini Week Camp at Pine Ridge  I'm looking forward to three days and two nights of camping fun at Pine Ridge Scout Camp.


Webelos Family Member Activity BadgeWebelos Family Member Activity Badge  Summertime is a good time for your Webelos to work on their Family Member activity badge. With the extra time on their hands, they can learn how to do some more chores around the house.


Map and CompassGuide Me Game for Webelos, Boy Scouts, and Venturers  This game makes a fun break in a meeting. It is appropriate for Webelos, Boy Scouts, or Venturers. The will have to work together to accomplish their goal.


Webelos Cub Scout badgeWebelos Parent Orientation  A brief explanation of the Webelos program. Den leaders can use this to give a mini-orientation to new Webelos parents.


BSA Centennial LogoHistorical Merit Badges | Pathfinding  The Boy Scouts of America have released four historic merit badges for the 100th BSA anniversary. The Pathfinding merit badge is all about finding your way around the local area.


Video Games Belt LoopVideo Games Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  There has been a lot of hubbub lately about the addition of Video Games to the Cub Scouts Sports and Academics Program. I've heard it referred to as the latest Boy Scout merit badge. Of course, it is not a Boy Scout merit badge, it is a Cub Scout belt loop and pin.


TreeTiger Den Meeting Plan – Let’s Go Outdoors  A den meeting plan to fulfill Tiger Achievement 5: Let's Go Outdoors and Tiger Elective 33: Cleanup Treasure Hunt.


MusicTwinkie Song  A silly song to the tune of "Do a Deer" from The Sound of Music. Could be used to take a break in a den meeting or pack meeting or as part of a campfire program.