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craft stick picture frameBSA Tiger Supplemental Den Meeting Plan N – Display a Picture  BSA provides a set of Tiger den meeting ideas for Cub Scout den leaders. In this den meeting plan, the Tiger Cub Scouts make a picture frame


FamilyBSA Tiger Supplemental Den Meeting Plan M - Family Mobile  BSA provides a set of Tiger den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. There are 16 basic Tiger den meeting plans and then some additional supplemental Tiger den meeting ideas. In this den meeting plan, the Tiger Cub Scouts will be making a mobile for Tiger Elective 5 – Family Mobile


Family Tree TemplatePack Meeting Plan for April - My Family Tree (Faith)   The My Family Tree meeting plan features ideas for the core value of faith- games, group activities, songs, and more includes a Raingutter Regatta as the featured activity.


ClockTurn Back the Clock Pack Meeting Plan Available for February Core Value - Resourcefulness  The core value for the month of February is Resourcefulness. A February supplemental meeting plan theme called Turn Back the Clock has recently been posted to the BSA website. This plan assumes that your February Pack meeting will be your annual Pack Blue and Gold banquet.


Turn Back the ClockFebruary Cub Scout Theme – Turn Back the Clock (Resourcefulness)  One of the supplemental plans for February will be the old Turn Back the Clock theme. This one was the program theme at least a couple of times in the past.


Family Tree TemplateFamily Tree Template  Helping Scouts look back at their family heritage fits in with February's Turn Back the Time program theme. Scouts can download this family tree template to write in their family back to their great grandparents.


My Story, Your Story, HistoryMy Story Mystery Game  The My Story Mystery Game is a great way to get to know some "history" about a group of individuals. It makes a great icebreaker. It can also serve as an introduction to a discussion about oral history and storytelling.


jasmJunior Assistant Scoutmaster Description and Self Evaluation  The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is a youth member of a Boy Scout troop who serves in the capacity of an Assistant Scoutmaster except where legal age and maturity are required. He must be at least 16 years old and not yet 18. He is appointed by the Scoutmaster because of his demonstrated leadership ability.


Camping EquipmentSpring Camporee  My Webelos had a great weekend at our district Spring Camporee. Three of my four Webelos attended. Fortunately the severe weather which had been predicted earlier for late Saturday afternoon passed to the south of us, so we did not have to bug out early. The field was wet and muddy and there was some rain, but that didn't dampen their spirits.


FamilyWolf Achievement 10 - Family Fun  For most Cub Scouts, this will be an easy achievement to do at home with their families. But what if you are the den leader and you have one of those families in your den which never seems to be able to complete the requirements at home?


Boy Scouts of AmericaTroop Program Features - Program Planning  The Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader work together to develop long term plans for a Boy Scout troop. One thing which can help with this is the BSA troop program features.


Camping EquipmentReview - New Orleans West KOA Campground  I would definitely recommend this campground. The neighborhood felt very safe and it was definitely a more economical way for the six of us to visit New Orleans than staying in a hotel.


PrincessI've Come to Marry the Princess Skit  One of the great things about this skit is that the characters can be changed around a little to make it more fun. I've seen a very funny Star Wars version. And I remember one with the Kool Aid man in it from a while back. I can't remember exactly how he fit in, but I remember he kept saying "Oh Yeah...".


GrubmasterMenu Planning with Webelos  My Webelos den is going to district camporee at the end of the month. So at last night's Outdoorsman focused meeting, we did some menu planning.


Norman Rockwell's Boy Scout paintingReview Part 3: A Scout Leader's Guide to Youth Leadership  Today I continue reviewing a book called A Scout Leader's Guide to Youth Leadership Training: Working the Patrol Method. Have you read this book? It is really a good explanation of how youth leadership should work in a Boy Scout Troop.


Camping EquipmentReview - Davis Bayou Campground  Overall, this was a good campground because of the location and all of the attractions in the area, but the bugs were a real annoyance.


Camping EquipmentReview - Buccaneer State Park in Mississippi  Overall, I'd recommend this park for camping, but you might want to bring some earplugs and bug spray.


PocketknifeHiking Stick Craftsman Project  Cub Scouts love to get their pocketknives out and strip bark from fallen sticks. Why not make it into a project?


Peeps Candy for EasterToasted Peeps  When perfectly toasted, the sugar coating on the Peep caramelizes. And the marshmallow insides becomes really gooey, just like in a regular toasted marshmallow


SpaceAstronaut Pudding Recipe  This makes a great snack for any space themed meeting. We used it when ZM's den worked on Bear Elective 1 - Space. It can be a little messy, so we went outside.


Personal Fitness Merit BadgePersonal Fitness Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  For you Scouts getting ready to start this badge, it is important to really understand your counselor's expectations before you start.


Pack TrainerWhat Does the Pack Trainer Do?  The main responsibility of the Pack Trainer is to ensure that the adults involved in the Pack are trained for their positions and are aware of supplemental training opportunities.


Police CarBear Den Meeting Plan - Law Enforcement Is a Big Job  Bear Achievement 7 is a fun den meeting. There is some hands on stuff and a police officer visit.


National Outdoor BadgesNational Outdoor Badges - Aquatics  This award is for Boy Scouts who can't get enough time on the water.


Boy Scouts of AmericaNational Youth Leadership Training  National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is an intense week long leadership training class for youth


venturinglogoVenturing Super Activity  One of the things our Crew has been discussing lately is planning a super activity. A super activity is something beyond the normal weekend campout.


Gymnastics Belt LoopGymnastics Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  Check with gymnastics programs in your area. Chances are that one will be happy to have your Cub Scouts in for a session at a reasonable price


venturinglogoVenture Crew Officers  The leadership structure in a Venture Crew is much different than in a Boy Scout Troop. Venturing offices are President, Vice President - Administration, Vice President - Program, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Camping EquipmentCamping In Instead of Camping Out  We didn't expect a tremendous turnout for January tent camping, but only 3 youth (2 of them my sons) and my husband signed up. So it had to be cancelled.


Star CookiesDad's Favorite Star Cookies Recipe  Here is another Christmas cookie. These are not very sweet. ZM and LC like to sprinkle these with colored sugar before we bake them.


Candy Cane CookiesCandy Cane Cookies Recipe  ZM really enjoy making holiday treats. To him, if it has a special shape, that makes baking extra fun. So these are a good Christmas treat to make with Cub Scouts. They don't have a strong mint flavor, but are more like a sugar cookie.


FitnessLog Sheet for Personal Fitness Merit Badge   Part of the requirements for this badge include doing some fitness tests periodically and recording a fitness plan over a period of 12 weeks. There are some worksheets available for this on the web, but the ones we looked at didn't really fit in with the fitness plan which LC and his merit badge counselor agreed to. So we came up with one which works for him.


Radio MicrophoneThe MISS Show Interview  One of the things I like about being a Scouter is getting to meet others who also want to help our youth. I recently got to do that when I was interviewed by Miss Shannon and Miss Liberty on the Moms In Scouting Service (MISS) Show.


Partially peeled bananaBanana Bandanna Skit  The idea behind the skit is that the Scouter with the banana has misunderstood the announcer. Every time the announcer says to do something with the bandana, the Scouter does it with a banana instead.


Fire TrucksTiger Achievement 2 - Where I Live - Go See It  The Go See It for Tiger Achievement 2 (Where I Live) is always a lot of fun. I haven't met a first grade boy yet who doesn't want to see a fire truck or police car up close.


Thanksgiving TurkeyThanksgiving Song  Here is a silly song for the Cub Scouts to sing on Thanksgiving. Use this for any of the Cub Scout music requirements


Candy Corn for HalloweenCrew Costume Party  Our Venture Crew is having a costume party tonight. JD is responsible for planning the activities. I've asked him for a general idea of what will be happening.


BalloonsElbow Balloon Pass Game  This game is all about cooperation. Talk afterwards about what made it easier to pass the balloon and what made it harder.


FamilyBear Den Meeting Plan - The Past Is Exciting and Important  In Bear Achievement 8 - The Past Is Exciting and Important - Cub Scouts learn about history.


American eagle with flagTigers or Eagles Cubmaster Minute (Responsibility)   This is a Cubmaster minute which is based on one of the old program helps plans. It goes well with this month's core value of responsibility.