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ReadingThe Legend of Bigfoot  Tall Tales was one of the activities my den enjoyed doing this past year. The only problem I had was finding versions of the tales which were appropriate for their age and reading levels.


Native American CraftBear Den Meeting Plan – Native American Games  This meeting plan will focus on Native American games. So it will fulfill part of Bear Acheivement 15 - Games, Games, Games and part of Bear Elective 24 - American Indian Life.


CampfireWhy Opossum Has a Bare Tail  This is a Native American story which scouts of all ages can enjoy. It is also a cautionary tale for young men who like to build huge campfires.


Native American CraftPahsahëman - A Native American Field Game  Pahsahëman is similar to football. It has been played by the Lenape of the American Northeast for many generations. These instructions include tips for adapting this game for use with scouts.


ReadingThe Legend of The Pony Express  The story of the Pony Express at a 3rd grade level - written for use with Cub Scout Bear Achievement 4: Tall Tales


picariaPicaria - A Native American Game  Picaria is a Native American board game. It is like a cross between tic-tac-toe and checkers. It could be used with Tiger, Wolf, or Bear electives or with a group working on the Indian Lore merit badge.


Native American CraftNative American Games  I've decided to work on Bear Elective 24 - American Indian Life. They have studied Native American culture this year in school and made model villages.