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ReadingBSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan S - Tall Tales  In this idea from the Bear den meeting plans, Cub Scouts learn about folklore and storytelling for Bear Achievement 4 – Tall Tales.


Bear American Indian LifeBSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan N - American Indian Life  This idea from the Bear den meeting plans focuses on the culture of the first Americans. It covers requirements for Bear Elective 24 – American Indian Life.


Archaeology Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsArchaeology Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts who prefer a hands on method to learning about the past should check out the Archaeology merit badge.


World GlobeDecember Cub Scout Theme: Passport to Other Lands (Respect)  BSA offers supplemental pack program ideas for each month. One theme for the December core value of Respect s a Passport to Other Lands theme.


Genealogy Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsGenealogy Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts who enjoy delving into their family history can earn the Genealogy merit badge. There is a local LDS church which holds a skill center for this badge every year. Some of our scouts have attended and it has sparked an interest in genealogy.


FamilyBSA Tiger Supplemental Den Meeting Plan M - Family Mobile  BSA provides a set of Tiger den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. There are 16 basic Tiger den meeting plans and then some additional supplemental Tiger den meeting ideas. In this den meeting plan, the Tiger Cub Scouts will be making a mobile for Tiger Elective 5 – Family Mobile


Indian Lore Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsIndian Lore Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  The Indian Lore merit badge is a favorite for our first year Boy Scouts at summer camp. I can always tell which Scouts are working on the badge because they are usually walking around with a necklace with beads on.


International Activity BadgeInternational Activity Badge  The International Activity Badge recognizes scouts who have participated in international activities or interacting with Scouts from around the world.


American Heritage Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsAmerican Heritage Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts who are interested in history can earn the American Heritage merit badge and learn about our past.


Family PortraitFaith and Our Ancestors Game  The Faith and Our Ancestors Game is an icebreaker activity with a genealogy twist. Players ask each other questions about how they think their ancestors lived.


Family Tree TemplatePack Meeting Plan for April - My Family Tree (Faith)   The My Family Tree meeting plan features ideas for the core value of faith- games, group activities, songs, and more includes a Raingutter Regatta as the featured activity.


Outdoor Living History - Venturing Ranger ElectiveVenturing Ranger Award Elective - Outdoor Living History  To complete the Venturing Ranger Award requirements for Outdoor Living History, a Venturer must learn all about history and cultural reenactments. Then he or she must participate in a pow wow, rendezvous, reenactment, or historical trek and share their knowledge with others.


Photo of boysWhen I Was Young Gathering Activity  "When I Was Young" can be used as one of the gathering activities for any meeting centered around a history theme or a photography or cinema theme. This also works well for a Blue and Gold banquet.


Blurred christmas lightsPack Meeting Plan for December: Holiday Lights (Respect)  The Holiday Lights meeting plan features ideas for the core value of respect- games, group activities, songs, and more to help Cub Scouts learn about other cultures and traditions.


Blurred christmas lightsDecember Cub Scout Theme - Holiday Lights (Respect)  The Cub Scout Holiday Lights theme for the December core value of respect incorporates the ideas of cultures and service.Get ideas for your pack and den.


Interpreter StripsInterpreter Strips  An interpreter strip shows which foreign languages a Scout is familiar with. It is worn above the "Boy Scouts of America" strip on the uniform. This emblem can be worn by Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Varsity Scouts, or adults.


American Cultures Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsAmerican Cultures Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts will learn to appreciate the rich cultural diversity of our country when they earn the American Cultures merit badge.


Webelos Scholar Activity BadgeBSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 15 - Scholar and Artist  BSA provides meeting plans are full of Webelos den meeting ideas. The 15th Webelos den meeting plan covers Scholar activity badge and part of Artist activity badge.


Native American PatternBSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 14 - American Indian Lore  BSA provides Wolf den meeting ideas for Cub Scout den leader. Today, I'll go through the fourteenth Wolf Cub Scout den meeting plan. This plan covers Wolf Elective 10 – American Indian Lore.


newspaperBSA Bear Den Meeting Plans # 11 - The Past Is Exciting and Important and Information, Please  Bear Den Meeting Plans: Bear Achievement 8 – The Past Is Exciting and Important and Bear Achievement 17 – Information Please.


Bugling Merit BadgeBugling Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  In 2010, BSA announced that it was going to discontinue the Bugling merit badge and merge it into the Music merit badge. The response to this announcement was so overwhelming that BSA reversed this decision and Bugling remains a separate badge.


Clock Neckerchief SlideClock Neckerchief Slide  Cub Scouts can make this simple neckerchief on their own. Use it as a gathering activity with the Turn Back the Clock theme.


Empty StageBSA Tiger Den Meeting 11 - The Show Must Go On and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  This is the eleventh in the series of Tiger Cub Scout den meeting plans provide by BSA. This meeting plan covers Tiger Elective 21 - The Show Must Go On and Tiger Elective 47 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


ClockTurn Back the Clock Pack Meeting Plan Available for February Core Value - Resourcefulness  The core value for the month of February is Resourcefulness. A February supplemental meeting plan theme called Turn Back the Clock has recently been posted to the BSA website. This plan assumes that your February Pack meeting will be your annual Pack Blue and Gold banquet.


Turn Back the ClockFebruary Cub Scout Theme – Turn Back the Clock (Resourcefulness)  One of the supplemental plans for February will be the old Turn Back the Clock theme. This one was the program theme at least a couple of times in the past.


Family Tree TemplateFamily Tree Template  Helping Scouts look back at their family heritage fits in with February's Turn Back the Time program theme. Scouts can download this family tree template to write in their family back to their great grandparents.


My Story, Your Story, HistoryMy Story Mystery Game  The My Story Mystery Game is a great way to get to know some "history" about a group of individuals. It makes a great icebreaker. It can also serve as an introduction to a discussion about oral history and storytelling.


Citizenship in the World Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsCitizenship in the World Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  The Citizenship in the World merit badge is required for Boy Scouts to earn the rank of Eagle Scout


diversityCultural Diversity/Disability Awareness Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  The focus of this program feature is on respecting different cultures. The big feature for the program theme is either a cultural awareness campout or a cultural fair.


MusicAuld Lang Syne  Auld Lang Syne is traditionally sung at the end of the old and the very beginning of the new year. "For auld lang syne", loosely translated, means "for old times sake". The song is used to mark endings and new beginnings. For that reason, in the Scouting movement it is sometimes used to close big events, such as jamborees.


native-american-tipisTabletop Tipi Model  Scouts who are doing a Native American themed meeting or activity can create a simple tipi model to get the idea of how these versatile dwellings are constructed. We made these at a Cub Scout training session and they were very easy.


cornucopiaThanksgiving Ideas for Scouts  This month I am featuring a Thanksgiving theme. I'll have some crafts and other ideas for the Cub Scouts, but there are also things which Boy Scouts and Venturers can do with this theme.


Native American PatternHubbub - A Native American Dice Game  This is a traditional Native American game. The scoring systems seem to vary from one reference to another, so the system below is a simplified system which scouts should be able to follow.


ReadingThe Legend of Rip Van Winkle  This shortened version of the tale is appropriate for Bear Scouts working on Bear Achievement 4 – Tall Tales


MusicBoom Chicka Boom Song  The lyrics in the post are the ones we used at the pack meeting. Feel free to add your own variations in the comments.


MusicTiger Den Meeting Plan - Making Music  This den meeting plan completes Tiger Elective 6 - Song Time and Tiger Elective 7 - Play Along. It also completes the requirements for the Music belt loop.


Heritages PinHeritages Pin for Cub Scouts  Holidays are a great time for kids to learn some family history. Cub Scouts who really delve into their history can earn the Heritages Belt Loop and Pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.


ReadingThe Legend of Pecos Bill  Here is some information about Pecos Bill for Bears working on Bear Achievement 4 - Tall Tales.


FamilyBear Den Meeting Plan - The Past Is Exciting and Important  In Bear Achievement 8 - The Past Is Exciting and Important - Cub Scouts learn about history.


ReadingThe Legend of Paul Bunyan   The story of the Paul Bunyan at a 3rd grade level - written for use with Cub Scout Bear Achievement 4: Tall Tales