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Sustainability Merit BadgeSustainability Merit Badge  The Sustainability Merit Badge was added as a new merit badge in the summer of 2013. This badge focuses on lifestyle adaptations which use our planet's natural resources more wisely.


Litter to GlitterFebruary Pack Meeting Plan – Litter to Glitter (Resourcefulness)  The Cub Scout core value for the month of February is Resourcefulness. BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Litter to Glitter related to this core value.


Venturing world conservation awardVenturing World Conservation Award  The Venturing World Conservation Award recognizes young men and women who increase their awareness of conservation and its impact on the world community.


Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsFish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts who are interested in learning more about conservation and wildlife can earn the Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge.


Wildlife Conservation PinWildlife Conservation Pin for Cub Scouts  Working on the Wildlife Conservation pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program helps Cub Scouts think about how they can protect wildlife habitats. By understanding what wildlife need to live, they can help with conservation efforts in ways that are meaningful to them.


Forest HikeForestry Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  The forestry program feature offers the opportunity to introduce natural resource management and conservation in a Boy Scout troop setting.


Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsSoil and Water Conservation Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts who want to learn more about conserving our natural resources can work on the Soil and Water Conservation merit badge.


World Conservation Award for Boy ScoutsBoy Scout World Conservation Award  The World Conservation Award recognizes Scouts who increase their awareness of conservation and its impact on the world community.


Leave No TraceCub Scout Leave No Trace Award  While you are doing your outdoor activities, your Cub Scouts can earn the Cub Scout Leave No Trace award.


ranger ecology electiveVenturing Ranger Award Elective – Ecology  To complete the Venturing Ranger Award requirements for Ecology, a Venturer must learn about the watershed and environmental studies. He or she must investigate an area. Then he or she must share this knowledge with others.


ConservationBear Den Meeting Plans: BSA Bear Den Meeting Idea 14 - Take Care of Your Planet  Today's article covers the fourteenth Bear Cub Scout den meeting plan which is all about Bear Achievement 6 – Take Care of Your Planet.


JungleOctober Cub Scout Theme - Jungle of Fun (Responsibility)  This theme revolves around the ideas of conservation and using natural resources wisely with an emphasis on how we treat other living beings.


Venturing Ranger Award Core Requirement - ConservationVenturing Ranger Award Core Requirement - Conservation  Venturing Ranger Award: A young man or woman must complete eight requirements and four electives. One of the core requirements is Conservation.


BirdBear Den Meeting Ideas: BSA Plan 12 and 13 - Sharing Your World With Wildlife  Bear Den Meeting Ideas: This plan focuses on Bear Achievement 5 – Sharing Your World with Wildlife and the Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop.


Pulp and Paper Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsPulp and Paper Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts will learn how to make their own paper when they earn the Pulp and Paper merit badge.


Venturing Ranger Award - Leave No TraceVenturing Ranger Award Core Requirement - Leave No Trace  


Nature Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsNature Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts learn about the connection between living things when they earn the Nature merit badge.


Garbage bagBSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 16 - Cleanup Treasure Hunt, What Kind of Milk?, and Snack Time   This Tiger Cub Scout den meeting idea covers Tiger Elective 33 – Cleanup Treasure Hunt, Tiger Elective 23 – What Kind of Milk?, and Tiger Elective 25 – Snack Time.


Fly Fishing Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsFly Fishing Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  The Fly Fishing merit badge will teach Boy Scouts how to tie their own flies and then go after the big catch.


Energy Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsEnergy Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Earning the Energy merit badge will help Boy Scouts think about the supply and demand issues for energy in our modern world.


Wildlife Conservation Belt LoopWildlife Conservation Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  Conservation and Scouting have always gone hand in hand. And our young Cub Scouts are fascinated by wildlife and are usually eager to learn how to participate in conservation projects. You can spark that interest with the Wildlife Conservation belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.


Another Printable Environmental Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle  This printable environmental science vocabulary puzzle will help your Scouts remember their environmental science terminology.


Forestry Merit Badge for Boy ScoutsForestry Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Boy Scouts who are interested in conservation and tree identification will enjoy earning the Forestry merit badge.


WildlifeWildlife Management Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  A major concern in this country is vanishing wildlife and wildlife habitat. Some of this loss comes from a lack of knowledge about the creatures of nature.


Empty StageBSA Tiger Den Meeting 11 - The Show Must Go On and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  This is the eleventh in the series of Tiger Cub Scout den meeting plans provide by BSA. This meeting plan covers Tiger Elective 21 - The Show Must Go On and Tiger Elective 47 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


energy conservationBSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 7: Your Living World and Tie It Right  BSA provides den meeting plans for den leaders on the website. This plan covers Wolf Achievement 7 – Your Living World and Wolf Elective 17 – Tie It Right.


lnttrainerLeave No Trace Trainer Description and Self Evaluation  The Leave No Trace Trainer is a youth member of the troop who ensures that Leave No Trace principles are followed on all troop outings and activities.


Boy at the TableGood Manners Napkins  Do you ever feel like you are repeating yourself when you are teaching your kids table manners? Here is an idea your Cub Scouts can make for their holiday table or even for everyday family dinners.


ConservationFinding Out About Endangered Species in Your Area  Conservation and Scouting go hand in hand. Since getting outdoors is a big part of the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs, it makes sense that we should teach Scouts about protecting our natural resources. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has an Endangered Species Page where you can look up endangered species in your state or even your county. There is also a Weird and Wonderful Wildlife Page on the site where kids can learn about 14 different endagered species and play some games to find out even more.


ConservationStories about Kids and Conservation  Wolf Achievement 7 - Our Living World - is all about conservation. For requirement e, Wolf Cub Scouts are supposed to read some stories about people who are participating in conservation.


Environmental Science Merit BadgeEnvironmental Science Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  LC was at camp with our Boy Scout troop last week. One of the merit badges he finished there was the Environmental Science merit badge. He had to work on it two sessions every day, but he was glad to get it finished.Most of our Scouts do this one at camp. We don't have a registered counselor for this badge in our troop, and when the scouts do it individually, it seems to take them a very long time.


ConservationDen Meeting Plan for Bear Achievement 6 - Take Care of Your Planet  One of the achievements in the "For Country" category is Achievement 6 - Take Care of Your Planet. This achievement can be really fun for your Bears to do as a den if you can team up with your chartered organization or another community organization. Find a place you can go to do some litter cleanup and plant a tree.


ConservationCleanup Treasure Hunt  This time of year, Tiger dens have usually gone through quite a few of the achievements and electives in the program. If you haven't done a cleanup treasure hunt yet, then this is a good simple outdoor activity for your Tigers. They will really enjoy it.


Praying handsNative American Prayer  Native American lore is an important part of the Boy Scout and Cub Scout programs. This prayer is attributed to Chief Sealth (for whom Seattle is named).


ConservationWolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 7 - Your Living World  Wolf Achievement 7 - Your Living World - focuses on conservation. This den meeting plan covers the whole achievement.


ConservationEnvironmental Science Terms Crossword Puzzle  This puzzle is for you Boy Scouts who want to inject a little fun into learning the different environmental science terms for requirement 2 for the Environmental Science merit badge.


WildlifeBear Den Meeting Plan - Sharing Your World with Wildlife  For this meeting plan, you will need to take a field trip to a zoo, nature center, wildlife preserve, or similar location. Don't forget to put the "outing" in Cub Scouting every now and then.


Plant Science Merit BadgePlant Science Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Spring is around the corner and the seed catalogs have been arriving in the mail. So this is a good time to take a look at the plant science merit badge.


CSWorldConservationCub Scout World Conservation Award  This award is available to Wolves, Bears, and Webelos. The purpose of the award is to help Cub Scouts think about how we are all interdependent on our environment. The requirements are differnent depending which year the Cub Scout is in.


WildlifeSecond Class Requirement 6: Identify Evidence of Wild Animals  Here is a worksheet to help Scouts keep track of what they have seen or heard. Patrol Leaders or Troop Guides can give these to Scouts who haven't completed this requirement yet to encourage them to work on it.