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WorkBusiness Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts  BSA has a set of troop programs which can help PLCs plan activities around a theme. This business program feature offers the opportunity to plan a month's worth of troop activities with business theme.


Entrepreneurship Merit BadgeEntrepreneurship Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  The Entrepreneurship merit badge for Boy Scouts is all about what it takes to start a business. So if you know a Boy Scout who is thinking about starting up a lawn mowing business or some other enterprise, this is the badge for him. Some high schools have students start a small business as part of their program, so that would be a good opportunity to work on this badge also.


Table Top DisplayTips for a Great Table Top Display  Table top displays are a way to show off a hobby, collection, event, or other project. Or you can showcase your unit's program. As part of the Hobbies Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts, table top displays are used in a hobby fair to show of each Scout's particular hobby. In addition, for several of the Venturing awards, Venturers must create a table top display.


Communications Merit BadgeCommunications Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Communications merit badge is one of the Boy Scout merit badges which is required for the rank of Eagle. Unlike many of the Eagle required badges, this one really lends itself to being worked on in a group meeting setting. So this is one that could be the basis for a series of troop meetings.


American Business Merit BadgeAmerican Business Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  The American Business merit badge can help Scouts understand the history of business in the United States and practical aspects of modern business. If you have a budding entrepreneur in your troop who runs his own lawn care service or summer snow cone stand, then this is the badge for him.


Salesmanship Merit BadgeSalesmanship Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  If you have Boy Scouts selling popcorn for your unit, show them the requirements for the Salesmanship merit badge. This merit badge is also good for Scouts who have their own business enterprise - like mowing lawns or dog watching.