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TravelTravel Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts  Most of us will be travelling this summer. We might be going on a vacation, heading out to camp, or taking a weekend visit to see relatives. So this is a good time to review travel safety rules with our kids.


Emergency Preparedness BSAEmergency Preparedness BSA - Cub Scout Requirements  This award is all about emergency preparedness. Today I am sharing the Cub Scout requirements. This might make a nice theme for a pack event. There are different requirements for Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Scouters.


Police CarBear Den Meeting Plan - Law Enforcement Is a Big Job  Bear Achievement 7 is a fun den meeting. There is some hands on stuff and a police officer visit.


LifesaverThe Three R's of Personal Safety and Protection  BSA requires discussion of personal safety throughout it's programs


CampfireFire Safety with Cub Scouts  I like to review some fire safety rules with my Webelos before the fire is built. That way they all know the expectations.


First aidKims Game with Items for a Home First Aid Kit  Kim’s game is a traditional Scouting game which was introduced by Sir Robert Baden-Powell. It is based on a game describe by Rudyard Kipling. This version of the game helps Scouts learn what should be in a home first aid kit.


First aidHow to Prevent Chafing at Camp  With all of the first aid information in the various Cub Scout and Boy Scout handbooks, I never come across much information about the one problem we see most frequently at summer camp


First aidFake Wounds for First Aid Demonstrations  If your Webelos or Boy Scouts are working on first aid requirements, you can add in some fun by making a fake wound on a "victim" or two.


Fire ExtinguisherHome Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts  This is a home safety checklist for Cub Scouts to use. It can be used with Wolf Achievement 9 (Be Safe at Home and on the Street).


First aidFirst Aid for Tick Bites  Scouts like to get outdoors, but in many areas that brings the danger of tick bites. While most tick bites won't cause more than minor irritation, if treated incorrectly complications can occur.


EmergencyEmergency Phone Number List  Emergency preparedness is part of every level of Scouting program. For younger Scouts, that primarily means knowing how to get help.


First aidFirst Aid Demonstration for Cuts  When you are doing first aid instruction, it is best to demonstrate it as much as possible. Here is a way they showed us at a Pow Wow a few years ago. I did this with my previous Webelos den and they really enjoyed it.


Broiling at the climbing tower at summer campSun Safety Activity  This is a good time of year to review sun safety with scouts of all ages. Damage to the skin from sunburn can have lasting effects.


First aidFirst Aid Baseball Game for Boy Scouts and Webelos  First aid baseball is a fun way to review first aid skills with Boy Scouts and Webelos. There are instructions for the game and a set of question cards included in the printable file.


Fire ExtinguisherFire Drill Time!  Fire drills are encouraged throughout scouting programs, from the Tigers to Boy Scouts. Print out a basic plan for conducting a home fire drill.