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Webelos Family Member Activity BadgeWebelos Family Member Activity Badge  Summertime is a good time for your Webelos to work on their Family Member activity badge. With the extra time on their hands, they can learn how to do some more chores around the house.


Swimming Belt LoopSwimming Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  If your Cub Scouts go to the pool during the summer, they can earn their Swimming belt loop without a lot of effort.


MoneyBudget Worksheet for Family Member Activity Badge  Requirement 4 for the Webelos Family Member activity badge requires the Scout to plan a budget for 30 days. This simple worksheet will provide a way to do that.


BicycleBear Den Meeting Plan | Ride Right and Bicycle Belt Loop  This meeting plan covers all of the requirements for Bear Achievement 14: Ride Right. It also meets all of the requirements for the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Bicycling belt loop.


Boy Scouts of AmericaSweet 16 of BSA Safety | Physical Fitness  Anyone who has ever been to camp with a bunch of Scouts knows that safety needs to be our first priority. The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety describe the measures we should use at all Scouting activities. The second point of the Sweet 16 is Physical Fitness.


FitnessWolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 3 - Keep Your Body Healthy  This plan does most of the requirements for Wolf Achievement 3 - Keep Your Body Healthy. Since you probably won't need a whole meeting to do the achievement requirements, you can do some of the games from Wolf Achievement 1


Cub Scouts - Strong Values - Strong Leaders - Character CountsCub Scout Law of the Pack Letter Tile Puzzle  Cub Scouts should know the Law of the Pack, but unless they are reciting it all of the time, they aren't going to remember it. This puzzle will help reinforce the Law of the Pack.


listeningRespectful Listening  Dealing with Scouts who won't listen when somebody is speaking can be a real challenge. Here are some tips and a code of conduct to help them listen and ask questions respectfully.


Good Manners Belt LoopGood Manners Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  One of the new additions to the Cub Scouts Academics and Sports program last year was the Good Manners belt loop and pin. What a great addition!


US FlagRaising and Lowering the US Flag  With Memorial Day approaching, it might be time to review how to raise and lower the United States flag. These are some basic rules for raising and lowering the US flag.


Map and CompassWebelos Traveler Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1  The Traveler activity badge is a nice one to do during the summer. If one of the Scouts misses a meeting due to vacation, they can do some of the alternate requirements while they are away.


SpaceBear Den Meeting Plan – Space  This Bear Cub Scout den meeting plan focuses on Bear Elective 1: Space. It includes a couple of crafts, a space themed snack, and a take home activity.


Cub Scouts - Strong Values - Strong Leaders - Character CountsCub Scout Gathering Activity - Cub Scout Promise Puzzle  Cub Scouts should know things like the Law of the Pack and the Cub Scout Promise. A puzzle can also be a good way to help Cub Scouts remember these.


Video Games Belt LoopVideo Games Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  There has been a lot of hubbub lately about the addition of Video Games to the Cub Scouts Sports and Academics Program. I've heard it referred to as the latest Boy Scout merit badge. Of course, it is not a Boy Scout merit badge, it is a Cub Scout belt loop and pin.


FitnessWolf Achievement 3: Keep My Body Healthy - Healthy Habits Worksheet  To help the Wolves complete Wolf Achievement 3 - Keep Your Body Healthy at home, send them home with a check-off chart of healthy habits already printed out.


Bike Helmet and Water BottleBike Hike Safety and Etiquette   Before going on a bicycle ride with a group of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, or Venturers, review some bike safety and etiquette rules. Includes a printable discussion aid.


FruitsBuild Your Own Food Pyramid  Most Scouts are probably familiar with the food pyramid from school. To make the nutrition and fitness components of the Scout program more interesting, turn them into a hands-on activity.


Character CountsShow Me the Truth Game  Let's be honest. Some of the Cub Scout requirements which are all talking can be tough to do with a group of restless boys. Sometimes when I am looking at a requirement and I see the words Character Connection, my first instinct is to sigh. But then I take a deep breath and remember that playing a game can make it fun.


Baseball Belt LoopBaseball Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  The Cub Scout Academics and Sports program lets Cub Scouts at all levels receive recognition for whatever their special interests are. Look at the baseball belt loop this month. If your Cubs are on a baseball team, they have probably almost earned this award.


FitnessIsland Tug of War Game  Island tug-of-war is an adaptation of traditional tug of war which not only requires strength but also agility and balance. This game is appropriate for all ages from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts to Venturers.


FruitsCub Scout Nutrition Game - Food Pyramid Go Fish Game  This is basically a go fish game with different types of food. I liked how the kids talked about the different types of food they saw on the cards.