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CandleKwanzaa Candle Ceremony for Cub Scouts  This ceremony relates the seven principles of Kwanzaa to the values of Cub Scouting. It goes along well with the December theme of respect also.


Basketball Belt LoopBasketball Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  Just because it has turned bitter cold outside this week doesn't mean that Cub Scouts can't stay active. Encourage your Cub Scouts to earn their basketball beltloop this month. If they are on a team, they have almost earned it already.


US FlagThe Flag Remembers Christmas  You need to highlight the flag during this ceremony. Put a spotlight on it or have two scouts hold it up, or something like that.


SkiCrew Activities - Skiing  At our Crew meeting this past Sunday, the focus was on skiing. Our council is having a ski night for Venturers at a local ski resort in January. The original plan had been to have a guest speaker come in and give some skiing tips. He couldn't make it at the last minute, so our Crew president made a presentation instead.


FitnessLog Sheet for Personal Fitness Merit Badge   Part of the requirements for this badge include doing some fitness tests periodically and recording a fitness plan over a period of 12 weeks. There are some worksheets available for this on the web, but the ones we looked at didn't really fit in with the fitness plan which LC and his merit badge counselor agreed to. So we came up with one which works for him.


Respect Ourselves, Others, and Our WorldIdeas for December Pack Meeting - Respect  The core value for Cub Scouts for the month of December is respect. At your December pack meeting, do something which helps Cub Scouts practice respect for others.


Praying handsScout Law Prayer  A Scout is Reverent. This prayer incorporates the twelve points of the Scout Law.


PhilmontPhilmont Grace  This grace is also known as the Wilderness Grace or the Worth Ranch Grace. It is attributed to Jerry Fulkerson from the Worth Ranch Scout Camp in Texas.


US FlagBear Den Meeting Plan - What Makes America Special  This is a very easy achievement to cover in a den meeting. You can even do an extra requirement or two.


TeachingAims of Scouting – Character  The three aims of Scouting are Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Mental and Physical Fitness. Today we look at how character development is incorporated into the Scouting programs offered by BSA.


Inspiration and MotivationScoutmaster Minute - Boredom  Why not encourage our Scouts to take that unfilled space in their lives and turn it into something useful?


Respect Ourselves, Others, and Our WorldRespect Ceremony for Cub Scouts  The core value for Cub Scouts for the month of December is Respect. This is a simple ceremony which can be used as an opening or a closing for a meeting.


FitnessAims of Scouting - Fitness  The three aims of Scouting are Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Mental and Physical Fitness. So how are physical and mental fitness is incorporated into the Scouting programs offered by BSA?


sports-merit-badgeSports Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  We all know Scouts who are trying to juggle their Scouting activities with other commitments. In many cases, this might mean finding time for Scouting and sports. So help your Scouts find a way to make them complement each other. Introduce them to the Sports merit badge.


US FlagCubmaster’s Minute: Threads and Flags  The core value for Cub Scouts in November is citizenship. Here is a Cubmaster's Minute which goes well with that theme. Use it at the end of your pack meeting.


US FlagScouting For Food  The featured core value for Cub Scouts for the month of November is citizenship. Our Pack will help encourage citizenship in our Cub Scouts by participating in the local Scouting for Food program.


Boy Scouts of AmericaBSA Methods for Boy Scouts vs Venturers  Some people wonder about what the main differences between the Boy Scout and Venturing programs. Aside from the obvious differences – the age difference and boys only vs. coed – looking at the methods used in the two programs offers some insights into the main differences between the program.


BalloonsElbow Balloon Pass Game  This game is all about cooperation. Talk afterwards about what made it easier to pass the balloon and what made it harder.


US FlagWolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 2 - Your Flag  Wolf Achievement 2 - Your Flag - helps instill one of the three Aims of Scouting in our young Scouts - citizenship. By learning about how to properly display the US flag, they learn about respect.


Boy Scouts of AmericaThe Aims of Scouting  The Boy Scouts of America enumerates three aims of Scouting – Character, Citizenship, and Fitness.


American eagle with flagTigers or Eagles Cubmaster Minute (Responsibility)   This is a Cubmaster minute which is based on one of the old program helps plans. It goes well with this month's core value of responsibility.


Webelos Fitness Activity BadgeWebelos Fitness Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan   Most of the requirements must be done with a parent. So at our meeting, I talked to them about what they needed to discuss with their parents and sent them home with some handouts.


Pets Merit BadgePets Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  This is a good merit badge to recommend to your Scouts with pets. For those who are already taking care of their pets, it gives them some recognition for their efforts.


Inspiration and MotivationMake a Difference to One  This can be used as a Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor Minute or it can be used with adults to encourage more participation in the Committee.


CandleSpirit of Cub Scouting Opening Ceremony  Turning off the lights and lighting candles is a great way to get the attention of the Cub Scouts.


US FlagMovies for Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge  Sometimes when I am doing an initial interview with a Scout for the Citizenship in the Community merit badge, they don't have any idea of which movie to watch for requirement 5.


Praying handsJohnny Appleseed Grace (Song)  Duty to God is an important part of Scouting, so don't forget to say grace at Scouting events. This is a non-denominational grace which would be appropriate at any meal.


HandshakeOctober Pack Meeting - Good Manners Belt Loop (Responsibility)  The core value for October is Responsibility. So we are going to let the Cub Scouts work on the Good Manners belt loop.


Soccer Belt LoopSoccer Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  Fall sports season is upon us! Here in the Midwest, soccer is very popular with the kids.So encourage your Cub Scouts to earn their Soccer belt loop this month.


Kickball Belt LoopKickball Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  Thanks to the recent addition of the kickball belt loop and pin, Cub Scouts can now use their recess skills to earn an award.


Chaplain AideChaplain Aide Description and Self Evaluation  The Chaplain Aide works with the Troop Chaplain to meet the religious needs of the Scouts in the troop and to promote religious emblems programs.


Webelos Citizen Activity BadgeWebelos Citizen Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 2  This meeting plan completes the requirements for the Webelos Citizen activity badge which were started in Webelos Citizen Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1.


Webelos Citizen Activity BadgeWebelos Citizen Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1  We'll be focusing on the flag requirements at this meeting (requirement 3, 4, and 5). The following week we will do the requirements which relate to government and personal citizenship.


US FlagA Simple Flag Retirement Ceremony  When retiring a United Stated flag, some people will say that you must do it this way or that way, but according to the Flag Code, it just needs to be done with dignity.


Fire ExtinguisherWolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 9 - Be Safe at Home and on the Street  This achievement is a little dry, so it needs some fun injected. One way to do this is to go for a short bike ride, which fits in with the requirements.


PencilThank You Note Template for Thanking a Special Person  It is really important for kids to learn how to say "Thank You". Gratitude is something which needs to be taught, and Cub Scouts is a perfect forum for doing this.


BucketHail Storm Game  This game doesn’t take much space, so it can be played indoors. If you think ahead and take the materials to camp with you, you can even play it under a fly on a rainy day.


FitnessCaterpillar Race Game  Here is a fun game for Cub Scouts. They will have to work together to match their movements, so it teaches them teamwork and coordination.


US FlagCitizenship Football Game  The purpose of the game is to reinforce the ideas which are discussed in the Webelos Citizen activity badge.


US FlagConstitution Word Search Puzzle  In honor of Independance Day, here is a word search with vocabulary related to the United States Constitution.