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Webelos Super Achiever Award  The Webelos Super Achiever award is for Webelos who earn all 20 Webelos activity badges. This is a council specific award, not a national award.


Norman Rockwell's Boy Scout paintingWhat Is a Board of Review?  When a Scout has completed all of the requirements for a rank, he must appear before a board of review. A board of review is NOT the same as a Scoutmaster Conference but just with more people.


Tips for Wolf Achievement 1 - Feats of Skill  There are a couple of different ways to work on Wolf Achievement 1 - Feats of Skill - with your den. One way is to do all of the requirements in one meeting. Another is to spread them out between different meetings.


Pirate Pick Up Game  Ahoy there me hearties! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So in honor of the occasion, I have a pirate game.


HammerWolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 5 - Tools for Fixing and Building  This is a fun, hands-on achievement for the Wolves. Boys of all ages love getting to work with tools.


Norman Rockwell's Boy Scout paintingWhat Is a Scoutmaster Conference?  One thing which sometimes throws new Scouts (and their parents) off guard is the Scoutmaster Conference. What in the world is a Scoutmaster Conference? Am I going to have to tie knots? What if I get nervous and forget how?!!!


Webelos Cub Scout badgeWebelos Activity Badges Matching Quiz  When Cub Scouts enter their Webelos year, a few things change. One of the things which is different is that they work on activity badges instead of achievements.


American Labor Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Labor Day marks the end of summer, but it is also a good excuse to introduce the American Labor merit badge to your Scouts.


There Ain't No Flies on Me  We have always done this as a cheer with two groups. The idea is to see which group can be the louder. This makes a fun activity for a Pack meeting or a campfire program.


Tiger Den Meeting Plan for Bobcat Badge  When a new Tiger den is formed, the first advancement step is for them to earn their Bobcat badge. This den meeting plan also throws in some other fun


National Summertime Pack Award  Hopefully your Cub Scout Pack will remain active this summer. If your Pack has one activity each month, you might qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award.


Regular Crew Meetings  Our Crew has been going for about 10 months now and our officers are still trying to determine what will work for the group. Up until now, our meeting schedule has been pretty irregular. Things have been going pretty smoothly for the group, but it seems like regular meetings would help with planning and growing.


Craft Stick Pencil Holders  Now that school is starting up again, Cub Scouts might enjoy making craft stick pencil holders to keep some of their school supplies in. Or they can give it to somebody else as a gift. This craft is very easy.


Fall Fun Rally | BSA Centennial Year National Venturing Event  This year Fall Fun Rally has been designated the BSA Centennial Year National Venturing Event.


When a new Scout joins a troop, the first thing he must do is meet the joining requirements listed for the Scout badge.Scout Badge (Joining) Requirements  In Boy Scouts, each Scout goes at his own pace. Hopefully it doesn't take him too long to meet the requirements for the Scout badge.


Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 9 - Be Safe at Home and on the Street  This achievement is a little dry, so it needs some fun injected. One way to do this is to go for a short bike ride, which fits in with the requirements.


Ticks on a Toilet Seat Song  This song goes along with yesterday's Ticks on a Toilet Seat recipe. Sing while you snack and you can fulfill Tiger Elective 6, Wolf Elective 11f, or Webelos Showman requirement 9.


River Rafting with the Venture Crew  Our Crew is going river rafting today on the Huzzah River. The Huzzah is not deep or swift, so we're looking forward to a nice lazy day floating down the river.


Tiger Den Meeting Plan | Making My Family Special  This Tiger den meeting plan focuses on Achievement 1 - Making My Family Special. It also covers Tiger Electives 1 and 4.


Camping at Swift Base  Swift offers weeks of summer camp for Venturers and Explorers. Activities include water skiing, tubing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, rappelling, ropes challenge courses, horseback riding, mountain biking, rifle shooting, and archery.


Campfire Cinnamon Crescents Recipe  Here is another easy recipe for summer camp season. The only real trick to these is to cook them slowly so they cook all the way through.


Webelos Mini Week Camp at Pine Ridge  I'm looking forward to three days and two nights of camping fun at Pine Ridge Scout Camp.


Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 6 | Start a Collection  Wolf Achievement 6 - Start a Collection can be combined with the Collecting belt loop. Requirements 6b and 6c for the achievement completely overlap with requirements 1 and 2 for the belt loop.


Patriotic Napkin and Utensil Holder  Here is a simple craft for your Fourth of July celebration which is actually functional. This craft could be used to fulfill Tiger Elective 2.


Recruiting New Crew Members  Recruiting new Crew members presents some challenges. How can we reach youth and get them to try Venturing?


Dock Your Flying Saucer Game  The idea of this game is to put the flying saucer (a Frisbee) in its space dock (a box). This is a good game for indoors or out.


Tiger Den Meeting Plan | Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe  You can do most of Tiger Achievement 3 at a single meeting. One of the requirements (a fire drill) will have to be completed at home. The Go See It - visiting a sporting event - can be done as a separate activity.


MagicDark Magic Mind Reading Trick  This magic trick will amaze your Scouts. They might be able to figure it out after a few tries, but that is part of the fun. It is very easy to perform and doesn't require a lot of preparation.


BicycleBear Den Meeting Plan | Ride Right and Bicycle Belt Loop  This meeting plan covers all of the requirements for Bear Achievement 14: Ride Right. It also meets all of the requirements for the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Bicycling belt loop.


Clothesline Relay Game  In this relay, the Scouts are doing the laundry. They hang out towels on a clothesline and then bring them back in.


Skittles Skit  This skit, like many of the Boy Scout skits I have seen, is full of boy humor. That is why they like it so much.


Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 3 - Keep Your Body Healthy  This plan does most of the requirements for Wolf Achievement 3 - Keep Your Body Healthy. Since you probably won't need a whole meeting to do the achievement requirements, you can do some of the games from Wolf Achievement 1


Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Bobcat Badge  When a new Tiger den is formed, the first advancement step is for them to earn their Bobcat badge. This den meeting plan also throws in plenty of fun


Webelos Cub Scout badgeWebelos Parent Orientation  A brief explanation of the Webelos program. Den leaders can use this to give a mini-orientation to new Webelos parents.


Webelos Traveler Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 2  This den meeting completes the requirements for the Webelos Traveler activity badge. The plan for the first meeting for this badge is described in the previous post.


Webelos Traveler Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1  The Traveler activity badge is a nice one to do during the summer. If one of the Scouts misses a meeting due to vacation, they can do some of the alternate requirements while they are away.


Camping With a Coed Venture Crew  Camping with a coed Scouting unit presents its own set of concerns and challenges. It is important to have a clearly defined Code of Conduct beforehand.


Webelos Cub Scout badgePlanning for Webelos (18 Month Plan)  Planning ahead will help you help your scouts achieve their ranks. This is a sample plan to help Webelos earn their Webelos badge and Arrow of Light.


Bear Den Meeting Plan – Space  This Bear Cub Scout den meeting plan focuses on Bear Elective 1: Space. It includes a couple of crafts, a space themed snack, and a take home activity.


Cub Scouts - Strong Values - Strong Leaders - Character CountsCub Scout Gathering Activity - Cub Scout Promise Puzzle  Cub Scouts should know things like the Law of the Pack and the Cub Scout Promise. A puzzle can also be a good way to help Cub Scouts remember these.