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Fire TrucksBSA Tiger Den Meeting 7 - Go See It: Where I Live and How I Tell It  This is the seventh in the series of Tiger den meeting plans provide by BSA. If you are using this series, it works best if you do the plans in order. This meeting plan covers the Go See It for Tiger Achievement 2 - Where I Live and completes Tiger Achievement 4 - How I Tell It.


US FlagBSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 3: Your Flag, Keep Your Body Healthy, and Bowling Belt Loop  BSA provides den meeting plans for den leader on the website. Meeting 3 completes Wolf Achievement 2 - Your Flag, starts Wolf Achievement 3 - Keep Your Body Healthy, and covers part of the Bowling belt loop.


CraftsCraft Stick Picture Frame  This is one of those things which 99 percent of you probably already know how to do, so I am really posting this just to remind you that things like this make a good gathering activity, especially for Tigers and Wolves.


Boy Scouts of AmericaHelp for Boy Scout Early Rank Requirements  Boy Scouts working on their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks might want to check out the early rank requirements videos from the BSA. Troop Instructors will also find these videos helpful when preparing to teach younger scouts a skill. These videos give step by step instructions for all of the requirements for these three ranks.


BicycleBicycle License Plate Craft  This month I am featuring a cycling theme. If you are doing this theme with Cub Scouts, they might enjoy making their own "license plates" for their bikes. They can put their names on them or decorate them however they like.


FamilyBSA Bear Den Meeting 1 - The Past Is Exciting and Important and Building Muscles  BSA provides den meeting plans for den leader on the website. Today, I am going to go through the first Bear plan and including some tips and ideas which are related to the covered requirements. If you don't already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Bear Den Meeting Plan 1 to follow along with this article.


MusicPrincess Pat Song  Here's another song which LC sang at Boy Scout camp and ZM sang at Webelos camp. This silly song actully has some real history behind it. Princess Patricia was a member of the British royal family. A Canadian infantry unit was named in her honor. She designed their regimental colors - a red flag with a purple circle in the center. In the middle were the gold letters VP, which stood for Victoria Patricia. The flag was called a Ric-A-Dam-Do, which means "cloth of your mother" in Gaelic.


MarblesRules for Ringer (A Marbles Game)  One of the requirements for the Marbles Belt Loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program is to explain the rules of Ringer and play a game. When you think of kids playing marbles, you are probably picturing Ringer in your mind - a circle on the ground and kids shooting at the marbles within.


CraftsRecycled Cereal Box Scrapbooks  Cub Scouts like to make scrapbooks with pictures and mementos. But you don't need to go buy expensive scrapbooking supplies to do this activity with your den of active boys. Remember, their idea of a fun activity doesn't always translate into a neat, perfect looking project. For them, half of the fun is doing it themselves.


PhoneTell It Like It Isn’t Game  Every now and then people will contact me with a question about how I did this requirement or that. One question I have received a few times is "What are the rules for Tell It Like It Isn't for Tiger Achievement 4?" The instructions can be found in the Tiger handbook, but I think sometimes as den leaders we look at something and think it must be more complicated. Tell It Like It Isn't is the game most of us know as Telephone. Yes, it really is that simple.


MarblesMarbles Terminology  This month I am focusing on classic outdoor games. One game which is fun for kids to learn is marbles. My sons have marbles and they play against each other. All you need is a shooter, some marbles, and a piece of chalk to draw the ring on the driveway. If you are going to explain how to play marbles, you should know the terminology.


MusicMy Turtle Swims Sideways  ZM sang this song at Webelos camp and LC sang it at Boy Scout camp and they've continued singing it since. This song is pure boy humor.


BB Shooting Belt LoopBB Shooting Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  One of the things my Webelos den got to do at summer camp was BB gun shooting. They love going to the range! And they all earned their BB Gun belt loop. Remember, boys can earn BB gun recognition items only at council or district day camp, resident camp, or council managed family camping program


MusicJaws Song  Here's a song to go with this months aquatics theme. This is a classic camp song. There are lots of variations. If you want to ham it up even more, change your voice when singing the different verses to sound like a mama, papa, lady, etc.


Uniform and FlagBoy Scouts and Uniforms  Beth asked, "I realized once again that, as proud as he is to wear the uniform at a Scout function, he still feels uncomfortable wearing it in public. I have seen this with many other boys as well. Has anyone else noticed this trend, and what can be done? These guys are the future of our country and doing great things everyday, and yet the cool factor is just not there."


PaintingPool Tote Craft  If you are looking for a craft for your pack pool party or aquatics themed meeting, you could let the Scouts decorate their own pool totes. Then they can carry all of their squishy balls, goggles, dive sticks, and other pool accessories themselves.


CDCD Fish Craft  Instructions for a fish shaped craft made from old CDs. Make one or make several and put them together as a mobile.


Archery Belt LoopArchery Belt Loop for Cub Scouts  According to the age-appropriate guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts can only participate in archery at council or district programs. So you can't plan a pack archery outing. But if a local council or district day camp, resident camp, or council managed family camping programs offers archery, your Cub Scouts might get to work on their archery belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.


kayakKayaking BSA Award  One of the fun things Boy Scouts get to do at many summer camps is kayaking. When I am at Boy Scout camp, I always try to find some time to go kayaking on the lake. There is no merit badge specifically for kayaking like there is for canoeing or rowing on a lake, but there is the Kayaking BSA award.


Smiling TeenagersStarting a Venture Crew  Maybe you've heard about this coed Scouting program for young men and women and you're ready to try to organize a Venture Crew. You might even have a specific group of young people in mind. It could be you know of a group who want to go out hiking or work on model trains together or maybe you just want to get a church youth group going. So where do you start?


MotorcyclesBiker Gang Skit  I can't say there is any lesson to be learned from this skit other than don't forget to bring your tent. And no, this is not my impression of bikers, so don't write. Nor is a particularly good example of leadership. It's just boy humor!


Smiling TeenagersBook Review Part 1: Developing Teen Leadership  I was recently asked to review a book on teen leadership. The book is called Developing Teen Leadership: A Practical Guide for Youth Group Advisors, Teachers and Parents. It is written by Dan Appleman who has 20 years of experience working with youth.


MusicBazooka Bubblegum Song  This is one of DS's favorite scout songs. We hear this one a lot at camp, on hikes, and on hayrides. I'll warn you that when they start singing this, they tend to sing it over and over and over again. The best I can describe the tune is that it is sort of a rap style tune.


TeachingBSA Methods - Teaching Others  The methods of Scouting are the ways that Scouting's aims of developing character, citizenship, and fitness in youth are achieved. One of the methods for Venturers is “teaching others”. Teaching others is the best way to really acquire deep knowledge of an area. By sharing their skills with others, Venturers retain their knowledge better and provide service to others


Boy Scout Tenderfoot BadgeTenderfoot Rank Requirements for Boy Scouts  The requirements for Tenderfoot mostly introduce the new Scouts to the basic skills they should know now that they are Boy Scouts. They are completely age appropriate for a typical 10, 11, or 12 year old.


FamilyWolf Achievement 10 - Family Fun  For most Cub Scouts, this will be an easy achievement to do at home with their families. But what if you are the den leader and you have one of those families in your den which never seems to be able to complete the requirements at home?


PrincessI've Come to Marry the Princess Skit  One of the great things about this skit is that the characters can be changed around a little to make it more fun. I've seen a very funny Star Wars version. And I remember one with the Kool Aid man in it from a while back. I can't remember exactly how he fit in, but I remember he kept saying "Oh Yeah...".


venturinglogoScouting Resources - High Adventure Destinations  Scoutmaster Clarke Greene - of The Scoutmaster Podcast fame - is developing a database of high adventure destinations. I love the idea! Adding a little adventure to a program keeps older Scouts engaged.


MusicThe Little Green Frog Song  This is a fun song to do with a Cub Scout pack or den. It is full of boy humor. Make sure you get the parents to sing along also. That makes it really fun for the boys.


venturinglogoCrew Activity - City Museum  The Crew is planning another activity this meeting. They are all going to church together and then they are heading to the City Museum. The City Museum is often described as a giant playground for teenagers and young adults, so this should be a fun activity for them.


Peeps Candy for EasterToasted Peeps  When perfectly toasted, the sugar coating on the Peep caramelizes. And the marshmallow insides becomes really gooey, just like in a regular toasted marshmallow


Camping EquipmentOur Spring Break Road Trip  For Scouting families with several kids who don't have loads of money lying around for airline tickets and hotel rooms, a camping road trip is a great option.


SpaceAstronaut Pudding Recipe  This makes a great snack for any space themed meeting. We used it when ZM's den worked on Bear Elective 1 - Space. It can be a little messy, so we went outside.


CraftsPaper Bag Puppets  A den leader asked me recently about ideas for gathering activities. I suggested paper bag puppets.


Empty StagePuppet Play - Holmes and Watson Go To Webelos Camp  My Webelos den has been working on their Showman activity badge. For requirement 2, they wrote their own puppet play.


MusicWebelos Showman Activity Badge Den Meeting   The Showman activity badge offers a lot of choices, so this is less of a step by step den meeting plan and more a set of suggestions.


Venturing Bronze AwardVenturing Bronze Award  The Venturing program offers a flexible recognition program to meet the interests of its members. The first award Venturers work on is the Bronze award.


FamilyBSA Tiger Den Meeting 2 - Bobcat and Making My Family Special   This is an overview of the second Tiger den meeting plan from the BSA program helps. I've included some additional information I think would be helpful.


Smiling TeenagersBSA Methods - Group Activities  "Group Activities" is one of the BSA methods for Venturers.


Forest HikePack Activity - Plan a Hike  Do you have a Pack hike planned for this spring? If not, now is the time.