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CollectionWolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 6 | Start a Collection  Wolf Achievement 6 - Start a Collection can be combined with the Collecting belt loop. Requirements 6b and 6c for the achievement completely overlap with requirements 1 and 2 for the belt loop.


Webelos Family Member Activity BadgeWebelos Family Member Activity Badge  Summertime is a good time for your Webelos to work on their Family Member activity badge. With the extra time on their hands, they can learn how to do some more chores around the house.


FitnessTiger Den Meeting Plan | Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe  You can do most of Tiger Achievement 3 at a single meeting. One of the requirements (a fire drill) will have to be completed at home. The Go See It - visiting a sporting event - can be done as a separate activity.


MoneyBudget Worksheet for Family Member Activity Badge  Requirement 4 for the Webelos Family Member activity badge requires the Scout to plan a budget for 30 days. This simple worksheet will provide a way to do that.


Basketry Merit BadgeBasketry Merit Badge for Boy Scouts  Basketry merit badge is always a favorite for our first and second year campers. It doesn't have a lot of requirements and is pretty straightforward.


Webelos Forester Activity BadgeWebelos Forester Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan  This den meeting should take place at a nature center or park where forest trails are available. If you visit a nature center, see if there is a naturalist available to go on a hike with you.


BobcatTiger Den Meeting Plan – Bobcat Badge  When a new Tiger den is formed, the first advancement step is for them to earn their Bobcat badge. This den meeting plan also throws in plenty of fun


Webelos Cub Scout badgeWebelos Parent Orientation  A brief explanation of the Webelos program. Den leaders can use this to give a mini-orientation to new Webelos parents.


Map and CompassWebelos Traveler Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 2  This den meeting completes the requirements for the Webelos Traveler activity badge. The plan for the first meeting for this badge is described in the previous post.


Webelos Cub Scout badgePlanning for Webelos (18 Month Plan)  Planning ahead will help you help your scouts achieve their ranks. This is a sample plan to help Webelos earn their Webelos badge and Arrow of Light.


Cub Scouts - Strong Values - Strong Leaders - Character CountsNew Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guides  The new BSA resource guides for dens and packs are available in PDF format online. I'm so happy to see they are not going to make us go to the Scout Shop and buy them.


CookingWolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 8: Cooking and Eating  Cub Scouts always enjoy a picnic. Line up some adults to help you and fulfill some of the requirements for Wolf Achievement 8: Cooking and Eating with this den meeting plan.


TreeTiger Den Meeting Plan – Let’s Go Outdoors  A den meeting plan to fulfill Tiger Achievement 5: Let's Go Outdoors and Tiger Elective 33: Cleanup Treasure Hunt.


Boy Scouts of AmericaBoy Scout Basics Crossword for Webelos and Scouts  A crossword puzzle for Webelos working on their Arrow of Light award or for new Boy Scouts who are working toward their Scout rank. This puzzle has clues from the Boy Scout oath, law, motto, and slogan.


FitnessWolf Achievement 3: Keep My Body Healthy - Healthy Habits Worksheet  To help the Wolves complete Wolf Achievement 3 - Keep Your Body Healthy at home, send them home with a check-off chart of healthy habits already printed out.


ScienceWebelos Den Meeting Plan – Scientist Part 2  This meeting plan completes the requirements for the Webelos Scientist activity badge which were started in Webelos Den Meeting Plan - Scientist Part 1. This den meeting should be held about two weeks after the first meeting.


ScienceWebelos Den Meeting Plan – Scientist Part 1  The Scientist activity badge for Webelos can be a little intimidating at first, but as long as you are prepared and keep the activities simple it is manageable. This den meeting plan covers half of the requirements. An separate article (to be posted tomorrow) describes a den meeting plan to complete the badge.


BobcatBobcat Dice Roll  Here is a game you can play if you have a group working on Bobcat together.