Music Merit Badge

Music-Merit-BadgeThe history of music is rich and exciting. Through the ages, new music has been created by people who learned from tradition, then explored and innovated. All the great music has not yet been written. Today, the possibilities for creating new music are limitless.

Bugling Merit Badge

Bugling Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

In 2010, BSA announced that it was going to discontinue the Bugling merit badge and merge it into the Music merit badge. The response to this announcement was so overwhelming that BSA reversed this decision and Bugling remains a separate badge.

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Portrait of man taking picture with camera

Hobbies Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

The Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide suggests a Hobbies feature for December 2011. So this month we’ll take a look at this feature in more depth. Some of the ideas in this program feature will also be useful to Cub Scouts and Venturers who are working on hobbies related programs.

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