Life Requirement 1 - Active for Six Months

Life Boy Scout Scout BadgeBe active in your troop and patrol for at least 6 months as a Star Scout.

Uniform and Flag

Losing Interest in Boy Scouts

A reader asks “The fun is gone. I know Boy Scouts is different than Cubs, but is it supposed to be no fun? Is there a suggestion I can take to the Scoutmaster that might help him keep these boys interested?”

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Badge for Life Boy Scout Rank

Life Rank Requirements for Boy Scouts

Life is the fifth rank a Boy Scout can earn. It is earned after Star. A Scout working on the rank of Life continues to develop leadership, participates in service projects, and earns merit badges. He must also share his skills by using the EDGE method to teach another Scout.

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Norman Rockwell's Boy Scout painting

Attendance Expectations for Boy Scouts

You might notice that the troop leadership position descriptions which our troop uses have attendance expectations on them Some people have asked me how we enforce these. Well, we do not. These are not demands or requirements in our troop. Instead we use them to indicate to the youth what sort of time requirements are […]

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