Boy Scout Merit Badges

Boy Scout Merit BadgesYou can learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers as you earn merit badges. There are more than 100 merit badges. Any Boy Scout may earn any merit badge at any time. You don’t need to have had rank advancement to be eligible. Use the links directly below to find help for a specific badge.

Boy Scout Merit Badges Check Off Sheet

Helps and Requirements for Boy Scout Merit Badges

  • American Business Merit Badge
  • American Cultures Merit Badge
  • American Heritage Merit Badge
  • American Labor Merit Badge
  • Animal Science Merit Badge
  • Animation Merit Badge
  • Archaeology Merit Badge
  • Archery Merit Badge
  • Architecture Merit Badge
  • Art Merit Badge
  • Astronomy Merit Badge
  • Athletics Merit Badge
  • Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge
  • Aviation Merit Badge
  • Backpacking Merit Badge
  • Basketry Merit Badge
  • Bird Study Merit Badge
  • Bugling Merit Badge
  • Camping Merit Badge
  • Canoeing Merit Badge
  • Chemistry Merit Badge
  • Chess Merit Badge
  • Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge
  • Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge
  • Citizenship in the World Merit Badge
  • Climbing Merit Badge
  • Coin Collecting Merit Badge
  • Collections Merit Badge
  • Communications Merit Badge
  • Composite Materials Merit Badge
  • Cooking Merit Badge
  • Crime Prevention Merit Badge
  • Cycling Merit Badge
  • Dentistry Merit Badge
  • Digital Technology Merit Badge
  • Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge
  • Dog Care Merit Badge
  • Drafting Merit Badge
  • Electricity Merit Badge
  • Electronics Merit Badge
  • Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge
  • Energy Merit Badge
  • Engineering Merit Badge
  • Entrepreneurship Merit Badge
  • Environmental Science Merit Badge
  • Exploration Merit Badge
  • Family Life Merit Badge
  • Farm Mechanics Merit Badge
  • Fingerprinting Merit Badge
  • Fire Safety Merit Badge
  • First Aid Merit Badge
  • Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge
  • Fishing Merit Badge
  • Fly Fishing Merit Badge
  • Forestry Merit Badge
  • Game Design Merit Badge
  • Gardening Merit Badge
  • Genealogy Merit Badge
  • Geocaching Merit Badge
  • Geology Merit Badge
  • Golf Merit Badge
  • Graphic Arts Merit Badge
  • Hiking Merit Badge
  • Home Repairs Merit Badge
  • Horsemanship Merit Badge
  • Indian Lore Merit Badge
  • Insect Study Merit Badge
  • Inventing Merit Badge
  • Journalism Merit Badge
  • Kayaking Merit Badge
  • Landscape Architecture Merit Badge
  • Law Merit Badge
  • Leatherwork Merit Badge
  • Lifesaving Merit Badge
  • Mammal Study Merit Badge
  • Medicine Merit Badge
  • Metalwork Merit Badge
  • Mining in Society Merit Badge
  • Model Design and Building Merit Badge
  • Motorboating Merit Badge
  • Moviemaking Merit Badge
  • Music Merit Badge
  • Nature Merit Badge
  • Nuclear Science Merit Badge
  • Oceanography Merit Badge
  • Orienteering Merit Badge
  • Painting Merit Badge
  • Personal Fitness Merit Badge
  • Personal Management Merit Badge
  • Pets Merit Badge
  • Photography Merit Badge
  • Pioneering Merit Badge
  • Plant Science Merit Badge
  • Plumbing Merit Badge
  • Pottery Merit Badge
  • Programming Merit Badge
  • Public Health Merit Badge
  • Public Speaking Merit Badge
  • Pulp and Paper Merit Badge
  • Radio Merit Badge
  • Railroading Merit Badge
  • Reading Merit Badge
  • Reptile and Amphibian Study Merit Badge
  • Rifle Shooting Merit Badge
  • Robotics Merit Badge
  • Rowing Merit Badge
  • Safety Merit Badge
  • Salesmanship Merit Badge
  • Scholarship Merit Badge
  • Scouting Heritage Merit Badge
  • Scuba Diving Merit Badge
  • Sculpture Merit Badge
  • Search and Rescue Merit Badge
  • Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge
  • Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit Badge
  • Skating Merit Badge
  • Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge
  • Snow Sports Merit Badge
  • Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge
  • Space Exploration Merit Badge
  • Sports Merit Badge
  • Stamp Collecting Merit Badge
  • Surveying Merit Badge
  • Sustainability Merit Badge
  • Swimming Merit Badge
  • Textile Merit Badge
  • Theater Merit Badge
  • Traffic Safety Merit Badge
  • Truck Transportation Merit Badge
  • Veterinary Medicine Merit Badge
  • Water Sports Merit Badge
  • Weather Merit Badge
  • Welding Merit Badge
  • Whitewater Merit Badge
  • Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
  • Wood Carving Merit Badge
  • Woodwork Merit Badge
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    The Science of Fire – The Fire Triangle

    Knowledge of fire safety and the fire triangle is an essential outdoor skill. Scouts should understand the science of fire when camping. Understanding the way fire works and what is required to start and sustain a fire not only helps them build fires. It also helps scouts know how to contain fires and put them […]

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    Backpacking Stove

    Toasted Chit Pressurized Fuel Training

    Our council has a “Toasted Chit” training for pressurized fuel use. I believe this is a local requirement, but I thought the organization of the material might be helpful to anyone doing pressurized fuel instruction.

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    Family Tree Template

    Family Tree Template

    Helping Scouts look back at their family heritage fits in with February’s Turn Back the Time program theme. Scouts can download this family tree template to write in their family back to their great grandparents.

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    My Story, Your Story, History

    My Story Mystery Game

    The My Story Mystery Game is a great way to get to know some “history” about a group of individuals. It makes a great icebreaker. It can also serve as an introduction to a discussion about oral history and storytelling.

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    Tent Pitching Contest (Standard or Blindfolded)

    Tent pitching contests are an inter-patrol activity staple. To make it a blindfolded tent pitching contest, just add blindfolds. If you want, let one team member keep his vision, but he can only participate by giving verbal instructions to the others. This makes a good communications exercise also.

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    911 Song

    This silly song is a favorite with my boys. Yes, it involves crashing into trees, ambulance rides, blood, and the word cops. But it seems to be the type of song boys enjoy singing. Don’t ask me why.

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    Public Service Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

    The focus in this program feature is citizenship and service. Younger Boy Scouts can work on flag etiquette, flag ceremonies, and their rights and duties as US Citizens. Older Scouts could work on the Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, and Citizenship in the World merit badges.

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    Table Top Display

    Tips for a Great Table Top Display

    Table top displays are a way to show off a hobby, collection, event, or other project. Or you can showcase your unit’s program. As part of the Hobbies Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts, table top displays are used in a hobby fair to show of each Scout’s particular hobby. In addition, for several of […]

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    Tabletop Tipi Model

    Scouts who are doing a Native American themed meeting or activity can create a simple tipi model to get the idea of how these versatile dwellings are constructed. We made these at a Cub Scout training session and they were very easy.

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    Portrait of man taking picture with camera

    Hobbies Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

    The Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide suggests a Hobbies feature for December 2011. So this month we’ll take a look at this feature in more depth. Some of the ideas in this program feature will also be useful to Cub Scouts and Venturers who are working on hobbies related programs.

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    Chess Pieces on Chess Board

    Antichess Game

    Do you feel like you always lose when you play chess? If you are better at getting your own pieces captured than capturing your opponents pieces, then Antichess is the game for you. In Antichess (sometimes called Suicide Chess or Giveaway Chess) the object is to lose all of your pieces.

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    Checkerboard Cake Pan

    Checkerboard Cake

    Since I am featuring a chess theme this month, I thought I’d suggest making a checkerboard cake which will look similar to a chess board when sliced as a snack to go along with this theme. One easy way to make a checkerboard cake is with a special checkerboard cake pan.

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    Chess Rook

    Atomic Chess Game

    Do you think regular chess is boring? Then try atomic chess. In atomic chess, pieces don’t just capture other pieces, they explode! Both pieces involved in the capture are destroyed along with any in the surrounding area. Sound like fun?

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    Chess Board

    Using Chess Notation

    Both the Chess pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program and the Chess merit badge for Boy Scouts have requirements related to using chess notation and recording chess games. If you are not familiar with chess notation, this might seem a little daunting, but it really is pretty easy to learn.

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    Chess Pieces on Chess Board

    Bughouse Chess Game

    Bughouse (or Bunk House) is a game which helps even the playing field. Basically, there are two teams which simultaneously play chess together. Each player has a direct opponent, but when he captures a piece, he passes it to one of his teammates to play on the board. The key is to have the direct […]

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