Venturing world conservation award

Venturing World Conservation Award

The Venturing World Conservation Award recognizes young men and women who increase their awareness of conservation and its impact on the world community. Many Scouting organizations affiliated with the World Organization of the Scout Movement offer this award to their members. Each Scouting organization sets its own requirements for the award.

The badge is worn as a temporary patch, centered on the right pocket.

The requirements below are for Venturers, but BSA also offers a version of this award for Cub Scouts and for Boy Scouts.

Venturing World Conservation Award

  1. Complete the Ecology elective for the Ranger Award.
  2. Show the relationship of global events and conditions both political and environmental, to the areas that you described in steps 1 and 2 in the Ecology Ranger Award elective above. Determine how conditions in your local area also appear in other areas around the world. Describe some of the interrelationships between people and our natural resources that effect our global environment. Teach others in your crew, another crew, a Cub Scout or Boy Scout group, or another group about the interconnectivity that we all have with each other and our environment.
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