Ranger Lifesaver

Venturing Ranger Award Elective – Lifesaver

To earn the Venturing Ranger award, a young man or woman must complete eight core requirements and four electives. One of the electives to meet the Ranger award requirements is Lifesaver.

To complete the Venturing Ranger Award requirements for Lifesaver , a Venturer must have a BSA Lifeguard certification or Red Cross certification or take an emergency response course. He or she must also put together a first aid kit and share knowledge with others.

Venturing Ranger Award Requirements – Lifesaver

  1. Do 1(a), (b), or (c)
    1. Complete the Boy Scout or Venturing Lifeguard requirements and hold a current certification. (Note: BSA Lifeguard certification lasts for three years from the time of certification.)
    2. Complete a 45-plus-hour emergency response course or an EMT Basic course.
    3. Earn the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training or Lifeguard Trainer certificate.
    1. Help build a crew or family first aid kit.
    2. Know how to use everything in the kit.
    3. Teach another person or group how to make and use a first aid kit.
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