Venturing Ranger Award Core Requirements - Land Navigation

Venturing Ranger Award Core Requirement – Land Navigation

To earn the Venturing Ranger award, a young man or woman must complete eight core requirements and four electives. One of the core requirements is land navigation.

By completing the Venturing Ranger Award requirements for Land Navigation, a Venturer is not only prepared to  use a map and compass to navigate from one place to another in unfamiliar territory. They then teach these orienteering skills to others.

Venturing Ranger Award Requirements – Land Navigation

  1. Using a topographical map for your area or the area you will be navigating in, demonstrate that you know the following map symbols:
    • Index contour
    • Vertical control station
    • Hard-surface, heavy-duty road
    • Railroad, single track
    • Power transmission line
    • Building
    • Checked spot elevation
    • Marsh
    • Map scale
    • Intermittent stream
    • Depression
    • Ridge
    • Trail
    • Stream
    • Hard-surface, medium-duty road
    • Bridge
    • Cemetery
    • Campsite
    • Water well or spring
    • Unimproved dirt road
  2. Explain contour lines. Be able to tell the contour interval for your map and be able to show the difference between a steep and a gentle slope.
  3. Using a map and compass, navigate an orienteering course that has at least six legs covering at least 2.5 miles.
  4. Learn to use a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. Demonstrate that you can find a fixed coordinate at night using a GPS receiver or a geocaching .
  5. Teach the navigating skills you have learned in (a) through (d) above to your crew, another crew, a Cub or Boy Scout group, or another group.
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