Ultimate Pin for Cub Scouts

Ultimate Pin for Cub Scouts

I’ve noticed more ultimate and disc golf courses being built at local parks. Ultimate seems to be an up and coming sport. So if your den has some time on a beautiful fall weekend, consider grabbing a frisbee and playing some ultimate. If they have already earned their Ultimate belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program, then they can work on the pin.

Ultimate Pin Requirements

Earn the Ultimate belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  1. Compete in a pack or community ultimate or disc golf tournament.
  2. Demonstrate effective pivoting while throwing. Use some of the following throwing styles: backhand pass, sidearm pass, and upside-down pass, and/or roller throw.
  3. Demonstrate skill in the following catching techniques: one-handed, clapping, and sandwich.
  4. On three different occasions, practice 20 minutes of ultimate or disc golf. Keep track of your time on a chart.
  5. Explain the flight dynamics of the flying disc. Draw a diagram if needed.
  6. Accurately lay out an ultimate playing field or diagram three typical disc golf holes.
  7. Play five games of ultimate or disc golf.
  8. Participate in an ultimate skills or disc golf skill development clinic.
  9. Explain the history of ultimate or disc golf and how it became a sport.
  10. Explain the differences between ultimate and golf discs.
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