Totin Chip Card

Totin’ Chip

Our older Scouts were doing Totin Chip instructions with the younger Scouts recently. One of their friends who had dropped out of Cub Scouts went riding by with his sisters. He took his sisters home and return on his bike. (He lives right next to our church.) Went right up to the guys and asked them what they were doing. They explained and he said he wanted to learn about axes too.  So he stayed for the rest of the meeting and then went home and brought his mom up so she could sign him up for Boy Scouts.

He explained to my husband (the Scoutmaster) that he only wants to do the fun stuff. My husband just smiled and said that was OK. After all, isn’t most of the stuff they do fun stuff?

Totin Chip Requirements

This certification grants a Scout the right to carry and use woods tools. The Scout must show his Scout leader, or someone designated by his leader, that he understands his responsibility to do the following:

  1. Read and understand woods tools use and safety rules from the Boy Scout Handbook.
  2. Demonstrate proper handling, care, and use of the pocket knife, ax, and saw.
  3. Use knife, ax, and saw as tools, not playthings.
  4. Respect all safety rules to protect others.
  5. Respect property. Cut living and dead trees only with permission and good reason.
  6. Subscribe to the Outdoor Code.

The Scout’s “Totin’ Rights” can be taken from him if he fails in his responsibility.

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