Swimming Belt Loop

Swimming Belt Loop for Cub Scouts

If your Cub Scouts go to the pool during the summer, they can earn their Swimming belt loop without a lot of effort.

If you are not familiar with Safe Swim Defense, you can find the requirements in Section II of the Guide to Safe Scouting. If you are a leader, I recommend you take the online Safe Swim Defense course at the BSA Online Learning Center.

Webelos can earn the Swimming Belt Loop to fulfill some of their activity badge requirements. It can be used for Aquanaut requirement 8 and part of Sportsman requirement 3.

Printable copy of   Swimming Beltloop and Pin Requirements

Swimming Belt Loop Requirements:

Complete these three requirements:

  1. Explain rules of Safe Swim Defense. Emphasize the buddy system.
  2. Play a recreational game in the water with your den, pack, or family.
  3. While holding a kick board, propel yourself 25 feet using a flutter kick across the shallow end of the swimming area
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