Language and Culture Pin

Language and Culture Pin for Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts who are interested in other parts of the world can earn their Language and Culture pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program. Maybe it will even interest them enough to find a Scout in another country who is interested in being a pen pal.

Language and Culture Pin Requirements

Earn the Language and Culture belt loop, and complete seven of the following requirements:

  1. Earn the BSA Interpreter Strip.
  2. Write the numbers 1-10 in Chinese or another number system other than the one we normally use (we use the Arabic system).
  3. Visit an embassy, consulate, or chargé d’affaires for another country.
  4. Make a display of stamps or postcards of another country. Explain the importance or symbolism of the things depicted to that country’s culture.
  5. Learn 30 words in a language other than your own. Practice saying these words with your den or an adult family member.
  6. Learn a song in another country’s language. Sing he song for your den or an adult family member, and then tell what the words mean.
  7. Say five words in American Sign Language. One of these words could be your first name.
  8. Visit a restaurant that specializes in recipes from another country.
  9. Watch a TV show or movie in a foreign language. Tell how easy or difficult it was to understand what was happening.
  10. With your parent’s or adult partner’s permission, interview an interpreter. Find out what his or her job is like.
  11. Make a list of 30 things around your home that were made in another country.
  12. Read a book or story about an immigrant to the United States.
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