Historic Trails Award

Historic Trails Award

The Historic Trails Award recognizes Scouts who have incorporated some history into their hiking and camping experiences.

Our local council keeps a list of historic trails in the area. Many of these trails have a trail specific patch as well. So if you are interested in working on this award with your unit but are not sure how to start, check with your local council first. They often have resources available if you just ask.

If there is a historic trail in your area which you would like to share information about, just add it to the comments below.

Historic Trails Award Requirements

To earn the award, members of your unit must plan and participate in a historic activity. A unit historic activity requires members to:

  1. Locate a historic trail or site and study information relating to it. (The information may be obtained from an adult historic society, public library, or people living near the trail or site.)
  2. Hike or camp two days and one night along the trail or in the vicinity of the site.
  3. Cooperate with an adult group such as a historic society to restore and mark all or part of this trail or site. (This may be done during the hike or overnight camp.) Or cooperate with such a group to plan and stage a historic pageant, ceremony, or other public event related to this trail or site – such event should be large enough to merit coverage by the local press.
  4. Your unit leader must then file the Historic Trails Award application with your council service center.

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  1. Stephen Cerruti August 27, 2013 at 9:48 AM #

    For those of us lucky enough to live in or visit the San Diego area, the San Diego-Imperial Council has two historic trail programs.

    The first in the El Camino Real trail. This is the trail that began with the first overland expedition into California from Baja Mexico searching for the ports of San Diego and Monterey. This trail became the main artery for California during the Mission period connecting the 21 California missions. Recognizing that much of the trail has been lost to time, the award focuses on creating the same back country experience that the original travelers. Versions of this award are available for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

    The second award celebrates the accomplishments of the US Mormon Battalion. The march of the Mormon Battalion has been called the greatest infantry march in the history of the world, but the Mormon Battalion’s influence on the area went far beyond their role in the Mexican war. The members of the Mormon Battalion were responsible for creating much of the infrastructure of San Diego. Again, Cub Scout and Boy Scout versions are available.

    Trek Aids for both of these hikes can be found on the Council High Adventure website: http://highadventure.sdicbsa.org/trekaids.htm

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