Hiking Belt Loop

Hiking Belt Loop for Cub Scouts

Hiking is one of the new additions to the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program. I really like this added incentive to get our Cub Scouts outdoors.

For our next Webelos den meeting, our den is going to visit a local nature center and work on a few of the Naturalist and Forester activity badge requirements. I am planning on doing most of this on a hike along the trails, so I think I’ll suggest they do the requirements for the Hiking belt loop at the same time.

I’m hoping that this eventually gets added to the list of individual sports for the Webelos Sportsman activity badge. This is an attainable belt loop for most Cub Scouts and it doesn’t require any special equipment like some of the other belt loops.

Hiking Belt Loop and Pin Requirements

Hiking Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:
  1. Explain the hiking safety rules to your den leader or adult partner. Practice these rules while on a hike.
  2. Demonstrate proper hiking attire and equipment.
  3. Hike at least 30 minutes with your adult partner, family, or den.

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  1. Morgan May 11, 2012 at 2:12 PM #

    Hi, great site you have here. There’s something I don’t see … I’ll be embarassed if it is here and I’ve missed it. But I can’t find it on the web and you seem like the type of mom who would have the information. :-)

    What do you think is the proper hiking attire and equipment?

    We nearly dropped out of Cub Scouts this winter because I couldn’t get my son to the meetings. But we’re back and I’m trying to catch him up with everyone else, but I don’t know about hiking and I’m stumped here.

    The den leader’s had a … well, lets just say “a bad thing” happen and I don’t want to bug her with anything more than I absolutely have to.

    So, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Scouter Mom May 13, 2012 at 2:30 PM #

      I always recommend comfortable clothes. A wicking fabric is nice (as opposed to cotton) as it won’t absorb moisture. This is especially important in cool or cold weather. Dress in layers so you can add and subtract as you become warmer or cooler. Sturdy shoes are a must as are good socks. I prefer a good pair of wool socks to cotton.

      See my post about outdoor essentials for information about what to carry with you: http://www.scoutermom.com/1228/outdoor-essentials-for-cub-scouts/

      Good Scouting!

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