Heritages Pin

Heritages Pin for Cub Scouts

Holidays are a great time for kids to learn some family history. Cub Scouts who really delve into their history can earn the Heritages Belt Loop and Pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.

They have to earn the belt loop before the pin, so if your son hasn’t earned the belt loop, see the requirements below. ¬†Here are some suggestions for the pin:

  • Spend some time with grandma or grandpa at the holiday get together and complete requirement 5.
  • Help prepare a meal for the holiday dinner and complete requirement 9.
  • Talk about why you chose the names you did for with your son and complete requirement 10.
  • If you are getting together with cousins and more for a celebration, complete requirement 2.
  • Get out some family photos and put them in a photo album for requirement 6.

Heritages Pin Requirements

Earn the Heritages belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  1. Participate in a pack heritage celebration in which Cub Scouts give presentations about their family heritage.
  2. Attend a family reunion.
  3. With your parent’s or adult partner’s permission, find and correspond with a pen pal from another country. Find out how his or her heritage is different from yours.
  4. Learn 20 words in a language other than your native language.
  5. Interview a grandparent or other family elder about what it was like when he or she was growing up.
  6. Work with a parent or adult partner to organize family photographs in a photo album.
  7. Visit a genealogy library and talk with the librarian about how to trace family records. Variation: Access a genealogy Web site and learn how to use it to find out information about ancestors.
  8. Make an article of clothing, a toy, or a tool that your ancestors used. Show it to your den.
  9. Help your parent or adult partner prepare one of your family’s traditional food dishes.
  10. Learn about the origin of your first, middle, or last name. Tell your den or an adult family member about what you learned.
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