Discovery Award Requirements

The Discovery award is the second level award in the newly remodeled award system for Venturers. This award emphasizes participation, skill development, and goal setting.

Venturers who were registered before June 1, 2014 begin with this award. Venturers who registered after that date complete the Venturing award first, and then move on to this award.

The Discovery award requirements are shown below. Upon completion of this adventure, Venturers receive a patch.

Requirements for the Venturing Discovery Award

  • Adventure
    1. Participate in at least two Tier II or III adventures at the crew, district, council, area, regional, or national level.
    2. Complete the following:
      1. Complete a standard CPR course such as American Red Cross - First Aid/CPR/AED for Schools and the Community or the American Heart Association - Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED or an equivalent course.
      2. Complete a standard first aid course such as the American Red Cross Standard First Aid or equivalent course.
  • Leadership
    1. Complete the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews course (or an equivalent).
    2. Complete BSA goal setting - time management training course.
    3. Complete Venturing Crew Officer Orientation.
  • Service
    1. Participate in service activities totaling at least 24 hours. Up to half of the service may be delivered personally; the rest must be delivered through crew service activities.
  • Personal Growth
    1. Complete a structured personal reflection, and use this reflection and what you learned from the process to prepare for goal setting and as part of your Level II Award Advisor conference. Explore one of the following realms: "Adventures of Faith,"* "Adventures of Self," and "Adventures of Others."
    2. In consultation with your Advisor, establish at least one personal goal, and achieve it. The goal should be grounded in the realm you explored in Personal Growth requirement 7.
    3. Since earning the Venturing Award, participate in a conference with your Advisor.* As a part of this conference, discuss with your Advisor the challenges you faced and what you learned in fulfilling Personal Growth requirements 7 and 8.
    4. After your Advisor conference, successfully complete a crew board of review.

*A Venturer is not required to share the personal reflection associated with "Adventures of Faith" with his or her Advisor, including the discussion that takes place at the Advisor conference, nor with members of a board of review.

Get a printable checkoff list of these requirements for use with your crew.

3 Responses to Discovery Award Requirements

  1. Tom L. March 19, 2015 at 1:46 PM #

    I have several Venturers who are at the point in Discovery Award area. I have looked, but have been unable to find clarification or specifica in the “Structured Personal Reflection”
    Would anyone be able to help he out?

    • Jo November 9, 2015 at 8:26 PM #

      Did you ever get an answer to your question? Because I am currently trying to understand what that means. Thanks

      • Scouter Mom November 10, 2015 at 12:51 PM #

        If your council has a VOA they might be able to help you understand this and explain what other Venturers in your area do to complete it.

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